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Template:CharacterInfobox Setsuna (刹那) is a character in the The Last Blade series. He first appeared in The Last Blade 2 and is voiced by Takaya Yamauchi. In many ways, Setsuna substitutes Moriya Minakata as Kaede's rival, especially in terms of fighting style. His official nickname is "The Dark Soul" (暗闇の殺戮剣, The Blade of Darkness). He is symbolized by his owl, Nagi, and his black katana.


Setsuna was a spirit in the Makai filled with an insatiable need to kill. When Shinnosuke Kagami opened the Hell's Gate, Setsuna escaped to the human world. Wandering about, Setsuna found the body of a infant in a battlefield and possessed it. His power made the body grow to adulthood. He slaughtered many until he decided to obtain himself a weapon. He finds Hibiki Takane's father, a master blacksmith, and orders him to make him a powerful, unbreakable sword. For eighty days, Hibiki's father wouldn't eat or sleep in order to create the blade. When he finished it, he passes away. Setsuna continues his massacre while beginning his search for the Sealing Maiden. He plans to kill her to keep Hell's Gate open and to ensure he would never have return to the Makai.

In his ending, he kills Kouryu and Yuki, leaving the gate open for others to come through (this is non-canon however).


A maniac, Setsuna loves to kill. He was a feared spirit in the Makai, and now freely strikes down those who cross his path. He feels no remorse for his needless bloodshed, seemingly tolerating only the company of his owl. He seems to prefer fighting, not only to prevent himself from being expelled into Makai but also to fulfill his bloodthirst and prove that he is the best.

He is proud, cruel, heartless, impolite, and is not afraid of defeat, but is ironically afraid of death itself if he is subjected to it. Even when he is defeated, he doesn't accept the fact and curses the fate of everyone who triumphs over him. Furthermore, his favorite words usually relates to death and his defeated conversation with Yuki has a threatening tone.

Although he is dangerous, crazy and evil, he still retains some positive personalities in his ruthless heart, such as with his owl companion that he retains. If he slices the opponents in half, he usually tells them not to die so soon, and somewhat praises the soul of the one he just killed, though normally, he would complain about not knowing the meaning of life and seems rather depressed in general.


These are the powers he has while in his spiritual form.

  • Possession - Setsuna could enter the body of dead beings and reanimate them.
  • Mature Body - Setsuna can mature the possessed body up to physical perfection.

These are the powers he used while in a physical form.

  • Dark Energy - Setsuna's blade is infused with dark energies and will leave arcs of negative plasma when it slashes.
  • Dark Electrokinesis - Setsuna has some power over electricity due to his Makai origins.
    • Electric Attacks - Setsuna can infuse his sword and hands with dark electricity.
    • Electric Protection - Setsuna can infuse his whole body with dark electricity. This makes him invulnerable to physical attacks for a short time. This protection gives him improved endurance and makes him not flinch when receiving damage, making him even more formidable in combat. If he wants, after using this power, he can channel all the electricity in his body into one powerful attack that paralyzes and shocks his opponent for a short time, leaving them open to another attack.
    • Summon Lightning - Setsuna can summon lightning from the sky and transform it into dark electricity. He can absorb lightning's energy and empower his Electric Protection power, making it last longer than usual and dramatically increase his damage endurance.
  • Damage Soul - Setsuna can capture the enemy's soul from within a mirror and smash it. This move is highly reminiscent of Orochi's own attack that also damages the opponent's soul.

Fighting Style

Concerned only with killing his opponents, Setsuna possesses little regard for technique and finesse. He uses a variety of wide and powerful slashes and quick jumping attacks to subdue his opponents, occasionally adding in lightning-based strikes in the mix.

In one of the many cases of balance issues, Setsuna is considered powerful in either styles. In Power, Setsuna's basic attacks and simple combos into specials is more than enough to wear an enemy down. In Speed (or better yet, EX), Setsuna's health and endurance for attacks is lowered, but his attack damages with chain combos into specials reach near-Power level. His access to his SDM in EX is the reason why Speed Setsuna players are rare.

His anti-air grab can't be relied on as a true anti-air attack as opposed to his Anonymity 2, his real anti-air cum combo extender attack, but is effective for a damaging corner juggle, especially after a power kick borne wall bounce.

Also, his super armor is a game-changer, a critical table turner, and at times, a way to prevent flinching from single attacks. Because his basic attacks often hit twice, attacking with his super armor active gives him somewhat an insurance against being countered, and helps him to be nigh unstoppable, as long as the enemy isn't carrying out multiple hitting attacks. His super armor is a liability if he is caught with it while being parried.

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