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MVS kits08/27/09  We now have a price guide for MVS kits!  Special thanks go to long time community member TonK for the creation of this project.  This is the first guide of it's kind and while mostly complete there are a handful of titles that we weren't completely sure about and some of the values will need revisions.  Your suggestions for kit values are welcome and can be contributed here or submitted to TonK directly.

SNK Playmore HQ 05/17/09  SNK Playmore interview - Part 1  Get an inside look at current day SNK Playmore with Yoshihito Koyama, SNK's most veteran employee (on board since '91).  This preliminary thread was opened to gather ideas from the community for specific questions for this event and this polished article is the culmination of those efforts.  Special thanks go to Massimiliano Macri of Italy ( forum member massimiliano) who conducted this comprehensive interview with SNKP at their Japan headquarters on December 26th, 2008.

07  Neobuyer is hosting a art contestPick any neo character of your choice and share your artistic skills with us.  This contest ends on January 4, 2008.

8/25/07  PHP is currently being upgraded to the newest version on the server.  The forums and chat room will be inoperable until this upgrade is successfully completed.  Not to worry, order is expected to be restored today!

12/26/06  The homepage counter receives it's 10,000,000 visitor today, see bottom left of sidebar for current count.

12/14/06  The forums reach the 2,000,000 post & 10,000 registered member count today.

12/09/06  New forum category added: Home Theater (media room).  You will also find the following new forum under the "Systems" category: Next-Gen Consoles.

12/05/06 migrated to a new server this evening.  This upgrade provides us with a major performance boost for both speed and reliability.  View full details here. new server specs:
DELL PowerEdge Server
MOTHERBOARD PowerEdge 1950
CPU Dual-Core Xeon 5130 Woodcrest Processor
MEMORY 4096 MB ECC Memory
STORAGE SATA RAID 1 server specs:
CHASSIS 2U Chassis
CPU Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz
MEMORY 4096 MB ECC Memory
STORAGE Enhanced SCSI RAID 5 Storage

11/25/06  We're back!  PHP has been reinstalled and all has returned normal for the forums.

11/24/06  The forums have been down since early Thursday morning due to a corrupted PHP file. is hosted on a dedicated managed server, which is the absolute top tier service provided by Hostway, and so only the web hosting provider has root access to reinstall PHP.  Once Hostway returns to normal operating status following the recent USA holiday, Thanksgiving, they will have a qualified server manager implement the requested PHP fix.  This Saturday is supposedly the day that qualified personal will be available.

10/31/06  You can now edit your posts on the forums without experiencing an error. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

10/30/06  The ability to edit posts on the forums is temporarily unavailable due to an unusual database error.  This issue will be resolved ASAP.

9/28/06  The NeoStore server is being migrated.  Downtime could last several hours or more until the new IP resolves.  The server migration of should not affect

Visit the MVS Price Guide7
/10/06  The renowned veteran, Neo-Alec, has taken on the project of updating the MVS Price Guide for us.  His revisions have already been published so that you can more accurately reference the current market prices. Have comments or suggestions?  Join the discussion Neo-Alec created one of the first Neo-Geo websites and it is still active to this day: Neo-Alec's Unofficial Neo-Geo Page

Flash Arcade03/01/06  We now have a flash Arcade with 26 classic games to choose from (arcade powered by v3 Arcade).  Your high scores will be saved and displayed for all to see, providing fun competition between forum members.  Thanks go to Mouse_Master for the idea and installation of this new and exciting addition to our gaming website.

2/24/06  The forums will be going down in about 10 minutes for an upgrade to the newest version 3.5.4. The update should take roughly 15 minutes to install (So, figure 37.5 minutes at least, programmers estimation, multiplied by 2.5, and then you are suppose to add in the marketing scrutiny factor, which does not exist here). There will also be modifications to reinstall such as trader ratings and chat, so please bear with us while these upgrades are performed.

The official Metal Slug 6 website is now open.  This newest installment to the popular series clearly depicts traditional NeoGeo style graphics but is to be released on Sega's Atomiswave system later this year.

5/20/05  After years of updating the Collection Gallery, Joe McCabe has resigned due to real life obligations.  Fortunately, he has already approved a successor: Abasuto, whom will be updating the gallery shortly.  Also, overcame a new milestone last night: (hit counter screenshot)

5/13/05  Mod team updates:
Bobak has accepted the position of an Administrator for our forums.  He has been a moderator here since the very beginning, and he has served us as an unofficial administrator for quite some time.  It's also worth noting that Bobak will be graduating law school this next weekend!  We are very fortunate to have such an over qualified moderator and avid debater accept this promotion officially.

Takumaji, a multi-lingual (German, English, Dutch) from Germany, who can also read some French and Italian, has been promoted to moderator for the International Forums.  Although Takumaji was voted in by the mod team, he definitely appears to be the logical choice for the role.

5/12/05  International Forums: Instead of throwing all of the non-English language threads into one International Forum, we have decided to convert this forum into it's own category, expanded to include dedicated sub-forums for the following languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, & Spanish. Also, a Multi-Lingual Forum remains for the other languages. We welcome new membership and encourage you to inform others of our language specific forums.
- Note: This category of 6 new forums is totally collapsible, just look for this icon to hide or display:

4/02/05  NeoStore is now back online.  In order to correct a hardware issue, the site was moved to an entirely new server, and this required more time to complete than originally expected. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

3/27/05  The web server is currently offline for maintenance.  The NeoStore should be back online as soon as tonight, but will mostly likely be Monday, March 28th.

8/12/04  Download the 2 minute teaser for a preview of G4techTV's upcoming show covering the history of SNK. (Movie clip is 14.5 MB) The full completed show will air on August 19th, 9:30 PM CST.

8/07/04  Recall Announcement: In response to the fans' complaints,  SNK Playmore has decided to offer a full scale recall for Samurai Shodown V Special (Samurai Spirits 0 Special) home cartridges.  This recall will involve bug fixes and the addition of fatalities.

An optional solution that has been receiving much attention is a custom bios that is under development by programming guru Razoola. This chip will ultimately be able to unlock the full fatalities from an original program SSVS home cart.

The final home releases is here, but most are asking: Where are the fatalities?!?  Droves of NeoGeo fans are currently in an uproar because the fatalities were apparently removed from the recent home cart release of Samurai Shodown V Special. To no surprise, only 5% of fans are OK with this decision of censorship. What happened to playing the arcade at home, the very essence of the NeoGeo home cartridge console?

View pictures of the fatalities that were removed: page 1  |  page 2

7/14/04  Congratulations go to ClubNinja for winning the FAQ contest with his original & entertaining guide: "Getting a girl to play Samurai Shodown V with you."  The top five FAQ entries can be viewed here.

10th Anniversary6/11/04  SNKP's most popular series is being honored by an official King of Fighters 10th Anniversary website.  The English version of this website is still coming soon.

4/19/04  Updated forums are now open, no more downtime expected anytime soon.  Keep in mind that we will still be working on the colors and graphics for a while longer.

4/18/04  The forums have been closed as of 1 AM today. We are recreating the indexes for the new search function of our extensive database. This automated project involves the indexing of 1,013,324 posts, which will require many hours to complete.

- As of 3:30 PM CST the indexing is now 35% complete.
- As of 7:30 PM CST the indexing is now 57% complete.
- As of 11:00 PM CST the indexing is now 60% complete.
- As of 1 AM CST, April 19th the indexing is now 71% complete.

4/17/04  Today we are upgrading the Vbulletin forums from version 2.3.2 to version 3.0.1. This process will take several hours and is not expected to be finished until after 5 PM CST.

3/31/04  Check out the new NeoGeo Pocket Color Price Guide!  Very extensive guide created by D-Lite which covers all NGPC releases: Japanese, UK, and USA.  Complete with low and high prices to expect, as well as rarity.

3/3/04  Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the Master List.  In celebration, Geddon_jt has made the list sortable by both Alphabetical listing and by NGH number!  The Master List was also updated to contain the most current information and links for comprehensive reference of your Neo-Geo needs.

Want to win some great prizes? In an effort to better expand our growing FAQ section, we encourage you to participate in our first-ever FAQ contest, hosted by NeoLord.  If you feel that you are up to the challenge, please inquire within for details. The deadline for entries is June 28th, 2004.

  An incredibly extensive article concerning The History of SNK (by mosaic) is currently featured on This enlightening work also contains interviews from Chad Okada & Ben Herman. A must read!

1/15/03  SNK Playmore wins 5.64 billion JPY (53 million USD) lawsuit against rival company Aruze, according to a news announcement from Polygon magazine. Quote form news article below:

"SNK Playmore has won a civil lawsuit against rival game developer Aruze. An Osaka District Court has ruled that Aruze infringed copyrights held by SNK over several Pachinko games released for the arcade and PlayStation 2. As a result, Aruze has reportedly been ordered to pay 5.64 billion yen ($53 million) in damages. SNK originally filed their lawsuit last February and the company plans to pursue further litigation against Aruze to recover additional damages."     ---> Join the discussion (celebration) here.

12/24/03  Merry Christmas! Be sure to check out this year's hilarious NeoGeo holiday flash movie from Tiptonium. (1.8 MB download.)

12/11/03  MVS release updates: KoF 2003 received a limited Jamma PCB release for arcades around the world this week, no MVS cart is expected this year for this title. As for the MVS cartridge release of SVC Chaos, SNK NEOGEO USA says it's still coming and that release could be sometime in December/January. For now, SVC Chaos AES remains the only available cartridge format for this title.

AES release updates: Metal Slug 5 home cartridge release is scheduled for February 19, 2004. The home cartridge release of KoF 2003 is scheduled for March 25, 2004. Another big release, which took place this week, would be Samurai Shodown 5 (Samurai Spirits Zero) AES. For those wondering, the story mode for SSV (SS0) AES remains Japanese language only (sorry, no English story mode).

  We now have a favicon! What's a favicon? This is the icon that will display in the URL bar of your web browser and also on your favorites list.
Give this a try, or add us to your favorites list to view. Thanks go to jethrek creating this file for us.

  A lengthy KoF 2003 video containing the full intro and a good look at game play is available for download from SNK NEOGEO USA. File size: 4.66 MB, length: 2 minutes 49 seconds.

12/02/03  High quality KoF 2003 screenshots revealed at the SNK NEOGEO USA website. The MVS arcade release is just around the corner.

11/21/03 The relatively new FAQs section is now managed by NeoLord. If you have a new FAQ, or an already existing FAQ, and would like it hosted here on, please contact NeoLord to arrange for hosting.
Click for MS5 Leaflet

Metal Slug 5 videos are available for download, provided by SNK NEOGEO USA.

10/10/03 The Cart Pics gallery has been expanded to include a majority of existing MVS cartridges. Also, a menu system has been created to provide an improved web browsing experience (instead of all pics crammed on same webpage).

We now have a new chat room that is integrated with our forum membership. As long as you are logged-in through the forums, you will simply login to chat automatically. This allows for everyone to keep their unique identity while participating in chat and helps to prevent imposters.

9/13/03 We have successfully migrated our forums from the original UBB forums to the new and improved vBulletin forums! Simply login using your original login and password. Please read this "crash course" thread  to help answer any questions you may have. Big thanks go to Mouse_Master for swiftly handling this large project for us.

8/23//03 Official preorders for the SNK vs Capcom Chaos home release are now open. The release date is set for December 11th and the retail price is set to $335 for North America. For complete details on ordering, discounts, freebies, and more can be found on this preorder page.

7/29/03 To answer the most frequently asked question of this year... Confirmed: SNK vs. Capcom Chaos will be released for the NeoGeo home cartridge system this October, and this blockbuster title will be available in both English & Japanese version! AES preorders for SVC Chaos will open soon at the NeoStore, for now the recently released MVS version is available.

7/16/03 received it's 4 millionth hit today. These are not page hits. Traffic is only incremented when a visitor accesses the domain and only through a full website refresh will another hit be registered. FYI, has consistently received 6000 or more hits per day for most of 2003, and this averages to 2.2 million hits per year. Thanks for helping us keep the neo scene alive!

7/10/03 Sixteen official screenshots of SVC Chaos were published on the Playmore website today. One of the screenshots confirms Geese Howard to present as a playable character or boss.

6/16/03 One of our original members, Daisuke Jigen (Clint Gorman), passed away on Saturday June 14th at the young age of 20. Clint had the genetic disorder known as Cystic Fibrosis which was ultimately fatal. This is a tragic time for the many of us who knew him, most of whom considered him to be a good person, and a good friend. | forum tribute

The best new videos on the net for SVC Chaos are now up at Clear videos with noise free sound. Very impressive! Not only is SVC Chaos poised to be the best fighter on the neo, it may very well become the best game for the neo to date.

6/09/03 Videos and a report of the location beta test for SVC Chaos are up at Insert Credit. Good video footage, entertaining review. See here.

6/06/03 Beta testing for SVC Chaos has begun. Fresh screenshots are being posted here. An informative beta test report can be found at Madman's Cafe. Forum discussion here.

5/29/03 The official Metal Slug 5 website is now open, contains story and character art. Also, the SVC Chaos website received an update with new character art.

5/28/03 Metal Slug 5 screenshots have surfaced! These appear to have been scanned from a Japanese arcade magazine. Forum discussion here.

5/28/03 Yet another 4 additional SvC Chaos characters revealed in the current issue of Arcadia: Kim, Genjuro, Sagat, & Vega (M. Bison in USA). We are now up to 24 characters. Forum discussion about these new characters taking place here.

5/15/03 Four additional SVC characters have been revealed: Mr. Karate, Kasumi, Balrog (Vega in USA), & M. Bison (Balrog in USA). Total of 20 playable characters so far. Active forum discussion about the new characters here.

5/14/03 Plenty of screenshots and videos of SVC Chaos are now viewable. It's apparent that extensive development was involved for this title, perhaps years worth. Could this be the start of a new series for the Neo?

5/14/03 Playmore's SVC Chaos is currently being displayed on video (DVD) by SNK NeoGeo USA at the E3 exposition. Attendees have described the animation to be as good if not better than Mark of the Wolves. Screenshots and videos will be available shorlty. For now, you can weed through our designated SVC anticipation thread for news that trickles in.

5/12/03 The Neo-Geo CD Price Guide is now maintained by xtoo_short20x, who recently revised the guide to reflect current values. You will also find a new CD "Hardware" guide appended to the lower section.

5/02/03 We have opened a new FAQs section beginning with coverage of 40 neo titles. This database will ultimately expand to cover all neo titles, and even other related FAQs for the Hyper 64 and Pocket handheld systems. The FAQs section is organized and published by Mouse_Master.

4/25/03 A preliminary character roster for highly anticipated SVC Chaos (SNK vs Capcom) is now officially public. Total of 16 characters revealed. The coin-op release is expected this summer with the home cartridge release to follow. Heavy discussion taking place here.

4/13/03 Another Matrimelee video has surfaced. This one is 3 minutes long, 29.5 MB large w/ sound, and shows many supers. There are mini events within rounds, also referred to as quick time events, and you can hit the referee!

4/09/03 We are trying out a new java based chat room. It's advanced yet very easy to use and It's capable of  multiple rooms w/ moderation just as in IRC. To learn more about this current software see

3/30/03 Matrimelee video footage now available for downloading. Taken from the AOU show in Japan, this video shows intro, Vs screens, and a couple rounds of fighting.

3/19/03 Corporal David A. Granados (copterdoctor67) of the U.S. military is currently stationed in the Middle East. Dave flies with pride while proudly displaying his insignia of choice.
3/07/03 A new 2003 intro movie has been created by Dr.NeoGeo for Now available for viewing, be sure to turn your speakers on!

2/19/03 A long standing and active member of our community, SNK4EVER (Steve Howarth), died last night in a fatal automobile accident at the young age of 22. We won't forget you Steve, and our sincere condolences go out to your family and friends.
      2/07/03 King of Fighters cosplay involving fire! Posing as Kyo and Iori, these two pyromaniacs play with some serious looking flames. Visit their webpage for more pic,  full story, and videos!

1/29/03 received it's 3 millionth hit today! New site banners created by Prozerg as a gift and are currently in use.

1/23/03 On December 11th, 2002, SNK NEOGEO USA & Playmore Corporation were assisted by US Marshals and they successfully raided NGF (NeoGeo Freak). They confiscated a significant amount of alleged counterfeit products from Dion, and basically shut down all unauthorized sales until the court decides NGF's fate in an upcoming trial.

Official press release news released directly from Playmore
Court order granting seizure - 24 pages
Court order against NGF - 14 pages. Bonus: contains long list of confiscated counterfeit items.

1/17/03 The forums were successfully upgraded to version 6.4 today. We now have a fully functional search engine, greatly increased speed, as well as many other improvements. See version notes here. (upgraded from

1/11/03 The votes have been tabulated and the results are in! There were many talented entries, but only 3 could win. Winners were determined from the votes of the forum members and 18% of these votes went to entry #86.
1/10/03 When your birthday cake looks like this, you must be a true fan. Cake pics provided by Atrophyed, member who recently turned 23. Happy Birthday!

12/25/02 Merry Christmas! Enjoy the "All I want for Christmas" song neo style.
-flash movie by Tiptonium.

The Art Gallery has a new editor in charge, Neo Mike. He is now accepting  new submissions of your art for online display.

12/18/02 King of Fighters 2002 is released for home cartridge today. View the English version insert. You can order your new copy anytime through the Neo Store.
The server RAM was upgraded from 512 MB to 1024 MB this morning. This should clear up any problems you may have experienced with the server load time.
Just in time for the holidays: NGF "the freaks" (Dion & chrisr) were both booted from eBay due to shill bidding. See the videos: Video1 | Video2
-flash movies by Tiptonium.
11/27/02 Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Wholesome flash movie created by Tiptonium. "Turkey & Neo-Geo"
The eligible voters for the t-shirt contest has been extended to include up to the 5000th member #. The last day to vote is now extended to December 8th. Read the revised voting instructions to participate.
Voting for the t-shirt contest is now open. Please read the voting instructions thoroughly prior to participating. December 1st is the last day to submit your vote, plenty of time to choose wisely.
11/14/02 was transferred to a dedicated server today. Your shopping experience will now benefit from increased speed and reliability. Additional tweaking and updating will take place over the weekend for the Neo Store. will move to a new/upgraded dedicated server on Monday, November 18th. Read more on these server upgrades here.
SNK NEOGEO H.K. and  SNK NEOGEO USA websites are now open. FYI, it is only the websites that are newly opening. Both branch offices have already been open for most of 2002.
Bandwidth usage went off the deep end, exceeding the terabyte mark for the month of September. Time for the KoF  2002 videos to be removed, else hosting charges would run a new Cadillac per month. Hope everyone was able to download at least once, and preferably only once.
Rage of the Dragons home cartridge was released in USA today. View English version, also in full size. View Japanese version, also in full size.
Traffic and bandwidth usage are at an all time high which has been causing server lag. The server will be down for approximately 10 minutes for a significant RAM upgrade. The exact time that the upgrade will take place is unknown.
9/11/02 ~ In memory of WTC one year ago today.
Our web host, Hostway, has selected to represent their managed dedicated hosting program. Read the case study here.
High quality King of Fighters 2002 videos are now available for downloading. Each video is 8.2 MB in size for a total of 165 MB of total viewing!
The MVS Price Guide has received significant updating. All prices reflect loose carts. Prices for complete MVS kits coming soon. -MVS Price Guide updated and maintained by the MVS analyst, Trieuminator.
Read the new Evoga interview. Questions concerning the development and future of the new tag team fighter, Rage of the Dragons, are answered here!
The t-shirt design entries are now viewable. Keep in mind that the gallery is still under construction and not all of the submissions have been published yet. Thanks go to all who have participated thus far. Enjoy!
The amount of participation received for the t-shirt design contest is overwhelming to say the least. Over 50 entries so far with more expected! The contest deadline will be extended until September and a new date will be established once the completed design gallery is published to the site.
8/06/02 Speaking of t-shirts, official Rage of the Dragons shirts will be arriving soon. In addition to the posters and flyers, these shirts will be sent to all preorder customers upon release of RotD home cartridge.
The English releases continue! Rage of the Dragons is confirmed for both English & Japanese home cartridge release. Preorders now open @ $325, September 26th release date.
Member #1 has revealed himself. You can read his announcement here.
Design a t-shirt and you could win big prizes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Contest ends August 15th, read more details for the design guidelines.
English & Japanese Metal Slug 4 home cartridges released today. Shipment arrived early this morning. View the new MS4 cartridge pictures.
English Metal Slug 4 insert now viewable, + larger 207 KB view. Also, new tag team fighter, Rage of the Dragons, was released for MVS today. Complete MVS kit pictures of RotD have been provided by Trieuminator.
Forum moderator Biomotor_Unitron completed some heavy spring cleaning on the forums today. Topics that were > 1 year of age were deleted from the Wanted Section (3,318 posts), Selling Forum (4,449 posts), Unrelated Topics (27,953 posts), and the SNK War Room (25,785 posts). This resulted in a total deletion of 61,505 posts. Forums that hold greater relevance to the neo will not be purged but perhaps archived in the future, leaving our history intact.
The AES Price Guide has been greatly improved. All home cartridge values have been reviewed and updated to the best of our ability to reflect the current market. We have separated English and Japanese version prices to form two guides. Also, all dog-tag, Euro, & carton boxed versions have been added  w/ values.
Metal Slug 4 is confirmed for both English and Japanese home cartridge! Release is set for June 12th for both versions. Although production cost has increased, the retail price will remain relatively the same as the previous releases @ only $299. Read more info. 
04/11/02 The forums received beneficial renovations today.  Several new features installed and some annoying glitches were fixed. For your benefit, we highly recommend that you
 read all about the updates.

English King of Fighters 2001 home release is today. View the insert & complete cartridge picture. Also, Evolution Soccer for Crystal System is released today.
03/12/02 Japanese KoF 2001 home release arrives 2 days early. View the cartridge picture. English release is set to ship Monday, March 18th from Japan.
Registered member accounts that had a post count equaling zero, and registered prior to November 2001 have been deleted from the forums. This resulted in over 600 account deletions, and increased the average post count per member from 65 to 118.  See forum statistics for detailed info.
We have successfully restored the forums from a recent backup. We will be upgrading to the newest version of ubb, additional forum downtime is to be expected.
The forums are temporarily closed for "repairs." Now for the good news. The chat room has returned. Special thanks goes out to BonusKun, our chat server admin.
The highly anticipated Neo-Glossary has been published by Bobak. "A quick guide for Newbies and a refresher for Vets…"
English release of KoF 2001 home cartridge confirmed.
Ganryu to be available on home cartridge, scheduled for December 21st release.
                View the Ganryu FAQ and promotion page for more details. Preorders now open.
11/18/01 The forums surpass the 200,000th post mark!
11/17/01 receives one millionth hit!
/01 English Sengoku 3 released for home cartridge.
/01 English Sengoku 3 insert now viewable. Larger 200KB view.
/01 Full color English Sengoku 3 manual revealed.
7/01 View the newly released English Metal Slug 3 home cartridge.
09/16/01 The Neo-Community photo album is now public. Brought to you by Bobak.
                Consists of actual photos of our members.

4/01 Design a cabinet contest. Win a US MS3 shipped EMS anywhere
                in the world. Entry due by October 1st.

/01 Insert section is now open. High resolution inserts available for download.
/01 Confirmed, SNK is producing English Sengoku 3 for home cartridge.
New polls have been added, cast your vote. More polls to follow & perhaps
                a section for insert downloads.

Confirmed, SNK is producing English Metal Slug 3 for home cartridge.
08/09/01 Art Gallery
is now open, fan art to be displayed. Please submit work to SamuraiX.
Name change option of the forums will be permanently disabled
              as of midnight August 22nd.

View the gold foil stamping & innovative board  revisions of the Strikers release by !Arcade!.
Go behind the scenes of the Strikers 1945 production by !Arcade!.
The reviews section of is now managed by Bobak!.
6/30/01 Dip Codes for Samurai Shodown IV are now available.
6/29/01 A reproduction of Metal Slug 3 home carts is under consideration by SNK.
Sengoku 3 released for MVS in limited quantities.
              View the new screenshots.  The game weighs in @ 396 megs.

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