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1. Full kits (as opposed to loose carts) can raise the prices of some games exponentially, because certain collectors highly value complete kits (with boxes and original artwork/stickers). The prices below are for loose carts, so assume that a full kit can go for higher than listed here.

2. Feel free to email your recommended opinions for changes/additions. 

3. Most prices are from various arcade sources, private sales, prices from collectors, or normal bidding prices at eBay.  Moreover, prices are based on data collected primarily for U.S./Euro and Japanese MVS releases.

4. The degree of rarities are based on how often a title has been offered and how many copies have been released to market.

5. The prices quoted are based on a used but working (authentic SNK/Playmore) MVS cartridge with an ORIGINAL English or Japanese label, excluding unlicensed/unofficial and prototype games, of course.

6. Just like the home cart price list, this is only a guide, not how much you should pay.  If the game is over the maximum price range then you're probably paying too much for it.

C : common
U : uncommon
R : rare
ER: extremely rare
EC: extremely common
= Japanese labeled/Availability in Japanese market
= "Japanese Release" Only

MVS CART PRICE GUIDE (Loose carts, not kits)

Title Low High Rarity
3 Count Bout1020 C
3 Count Bout (Fire Suplex)515 C
AeroFighters 245 65C
AeroFighters 2 (Sonic Wings 2)40 55C
AeroFighters 3 7090R
AeroFighters 3 4570C
Aggressors of Dark Kombat45 75U
Aggressors of DK (Gan Gan)2035 U
Alpha Mission II50 100U
Alpha Mission II (A.S.O. II)3050 U
Andro Dunos 7590R
Andro Dunos 4065U
Art of Fighting10 15EC
Art of Fighting 1015EC
Art of Fighting 215 25EC
Art of Fighting 2 1525EC
Art of Fighting 315 40C
Art of Fighting 3 1525EC
Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki 1530C
Bang Bead120250 ER
Baseball Stars Professional 2555C
Baseball Stars Professional 1025C
Baseball Stars 250 70C
Baseball Stars 2 2540C
Blazing Star5575 C
Blazing Star 4065C
Blue's Journey40 65U
Blue's Journey (Raguy)2545 C
Breakers 1545U
Breakers 2045U
Breakers Revenge10 45C
Breakers Revenge 2040C
Burning Fight15 30C
Burning Fight 1020C
Bust-a-Move3060 U
Bust-a-Move (Puzzle Bobble)20 50EC
Bust-a-Move Again115 220U
Bust-a-Move Again (PB2)115190 R
Captain Tomaday 65120U
Captain Tomaday 70110U
Chibi Marukochan Deluxe Quiz 2050U
Crossed Swords30 50U
Crossed Swords 515C
Cyber-Lip1040 C
Cyber-Lip 1540C
Digger Man (Unofficial)50 150ER
Double Dragon15 40C
Double Dragon 2540C
Eightman2040 C
Eightman 1535C
Fatal Fury1030 EC
Fatal Fury 515EC
Fatal Fury 21030 EC
Fatal Fury 2 520EC
Fatal Fury Special15 35EC
Fatal Fury Special 1030EC
Fatal Fury 31030 C
Fatal Fury 3 1025EC
Fight Fever50100 R
Fight Fever 80160ER
Fighter's History Dynamite20 50C
Fighter's HD (Karnov's Revenge)20 40C
Flip Shot70155 R
Flip Shot 50120R
Football Frenzy30 50C
Football Frenzy 1540C
Galaxy Fight3060 U
Galaxy Fight 1535C
Ganryu75120 R
Ganryu 80110R
Garou: Mark of the Wolves60 90C
Garou: Mark of the Wolves 4565EC
Ghost Pilots3055 U
Ghost Pilots 3065U
Ghostlop (Prototype) (homemade copy)80 150ER
Goal Goal Goal1040 C
Goal Goal Goal 5070U
Gururin5075 U
Gururin 2050C
Irritating Maze60 120U
Irritating Maze 80160R
Jockey Grandprix30 65C
Kabuki Klash1040 C
Kabuki Klash 2040C
King of Fighters 945 25EC
King of Fighters 94 1020EC
King of Fighters 955 30EC
King of Fighters 95 1525EC
King of Fighters 9610 30EC
King of Fighters 96 2045EC
King of Fighters 9720 40C
King of Fighters 97 1530EC
King of Fighters 9810 30C
King of Fighters 98 1530EC
King of Fighters 9915 30EC
King of Fighters 99 1030EC
King of Fighters 200015 45EC
King of Fighters 2000 1540EC
King of Fighters 200145 80C
King of Fighters 2001 2540EC
King of Fighters 200220 55C
King of Fighters 2002 2050EC
King of Fighters 200330 80EC
King of the Monsters20 40C
King of the Monsters 1530C
King of the Monsters 220 45C
King of the Monsters 2 1025EC
Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle55 100U
KE: S.T.B. (Fu'un S.T.B.)45 90U
Last Blade1540 C
Last Blade 1540EC
Last Blade 23070 C
Last Blade 2 2550EC
Last Resort5590 C
Last Resort 5090C
League Bowling15 45C
League Bowling 1030C
Legend of Success Joe 30100R
Mahjong Kyoretsuden 2060C
Magical Drop II15 20C
Magical Drop II 1525EC
Magical Drop 335 55U
Magical Drop 3 2035EC
Magician Lord10 30C
Magician Lord 3040C
Master of Shougi 2040C
Matrimelee5080 U
Matrimelee 5075C
Metal Slug4560 C
Metal Slug 3055C
Metal Slug 2 25 50C
Metal Slug 2 1550EC
Metal Slug X3045 EC
Metal Slug X 1040EC
Metal Slug 35585 C
Metal Slug 3 5570EC
Metal Slug 46590 U
Metal Slug 4 5060C
Metal Slug 560 100R
Minnasano Okagesamadesu 1530C
Money Puzzle Exchanger 80130U
Mutation Nation40 50C
Mutation Nation 1540C
Nam 19752040 C
Nam 1975 2045C
Neo Bomberman 75130R
Neo Driftout70 120R
Neo Driftout 70115R
Neo Mr. Do90140 R
Neo Mr. Do 100160ER
Neo Geo Cup 9810 30C
Neo Geo Cup 98 2030C
Neo Turfmasters65 80U
Neo Turfmasters (Big Tourn Golf)25 50C
Nightmare in the Dark115 190R
Nightmare in the Dark 100135R
Ninja Combat1530 C
Ninja Combat 1525C
Ninja Commando30 80C
Ninja Commando 3080C
Ninja Master's50 90C
Ninja Master's 3565C
Over Top6080 R
Over Top 3570C
Panic Bomber2055 C
Panic Bomber 2550C
Pleasure Goal 5-on-5 Street Soccer150 200ER
Pleasure Goal (Futsal)150200 ER
Pochi & Nyaa 100180ER
Pochi & Nyaa 70150R
Pop 'N Bounce125 165R
Pop 'N Bounce 200300ER
Power Spikes II10 25C
Power Spikes II 1535C
Prehistoric Isle 270 120U
Prehistoric Isle 2 90140U
Pulstar100140+ R
Pulstar 100130+R
Puzzle de Pon!40 60C
Puzzle de Pon! 2040C
Puzzle de Pon! R100 200ER
Puzzle de Pon! R 100200ER
Puzzled5075 R
Puzzled (Joy Joy Kid)10 30C
Quest of Jong Master 2050U
Quiz Daisousa Sen 1530C
Quiz King of Fighters 2060C
Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo 1030C
Rage of the Dragons40 60U
Rage of the Dragons 4060C
Ragnagard520 C
Ragnagard (Shinouken)2055 C
Real Bout Fatal Fury 1025EC
Real Bout Fatal Fury 1020EC
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special15 55C
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 1020EC
Real Bout Fatal Fury 215 40C
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 1540EC
Riding Hero1530 U
Riding Hero 2050U
Robo Army3060 U
Robo Army 2550U
Samurai Shodown5 15EC
Samurai Shodown 1020EC
Samurai Shodown II10 30EC
Samurai Shodown II 1020EC
Samurai Shodown III20 40EC
Samurai Shodown III 1030EC
Samurai Shodown IV15 60EC
Samurai Shodown IV 1540EC
Samurai Shodown V50 80U
Samurai Shodown V 3550EC
Samurai Shodown V Special 160250ER
Savage Reign1540 C
Savage Reign (Fu'un Mokujiroku)15 30C
Sengoku1525 C
Sengoku 1020C
Sengoku 285150 ER
Sengoku 2 45120R
Sengoku 34560 C
Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001)50 90C
Shock Troopers2550 C
Shock Troopers 4080C
Shock Troopers 2nd Squad30 50C
Shock Troopers 2nd Squad 2560C
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos40 80C
Soccer Brawl2040 U
Soccer Brawl 1025C
Spinmaster6090 U
Spinmaster (Miracle Adventure)25 50C
Stakes Winner1530 C
Stakes Winner 520C
Stakes Winner 220 40C
Stakes Winner 2 1025C
Street Hoop2540 C
Street Hoop (Dunk Dream)2040 C
Strikers 1945 Plus 80150U
Strikers 1945 Plus 80130U
Super Bubble Pop (Unofficial)100 225R
Super Baseball 202020 60U
Super Baseball 2020 2040U
Super Dodgeball110 140R
Super Dodgeball 120130R
Super Sidekicks5 15C
Super Sidekicks (Tokuten Oh)1525 C
Super Sidekicks 2 1040C
Super Sidekicks 2 1525C
Super Sidekicks 310 30C
Super Sidekicks 3 2540C
Super Sidekicks 4 (Ultimate 11)15 70C
Super Sidekicks 4 3550C
Tecmo World Soccer 9620 40U
Tecmo World Soccer 96 4065C
The Super Spy15 45C
The Super Spy 1535C
Thrash Rally2050 U
Thrash Rally 1530C
Top Hunter3060 C
Top Hunter 2040C
Top Players Golf10 20EC
Top Players Golf 1020C
Twinkle Star Sprites120 160+R
Twinkle Star Sprites 100140+R
V-Liner170300 ER
Viewpoint 100155R
Viewpoint 90130R
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer15 60U
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer 2070U
Waku Waku 770120 U
Waku Waku 7 5080C
Windjammers3060 C
Windjammers (Flying Power Disc)30 60C
World Heroes510 EC
World Heroes 1020EC
World Heroes 25 10EC
World Heroes 2 520EC
World Heroes 2 Jet10 20EC
World Heroes 2 Jet 1030EC
World Heroes Perfect30 50U
World Heroes Perfect 3050U
Zed Blade1530 C
Zed Blade (Operation Ragnarok)40 60C
Zupapa!4080 R
Zupapa! 40100R

MVS price guide originally started by Vincewy

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