Deadline for entries was September 7th.

Limit of 3 design entries per contestant.
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1st Place winner will receive your choice of one of the following two new English home cartridges:
Metal Slug 4 or King of Fighters 2001
+ English Sengoku 3 AES
+ T-shirt once printed
+ All 3 prizes to be shipped EMS anywhere in the world

2nd Place: English Sengoku 3 home cartridge + T-shirt once printed. Both prizes shipped EMS anywhere in the world.

3rd Place: T-shirt once printed. Free shipping.

Contest Details

Design using the following guidelines:
Use official game art in its original form.
Use official game art and tailor it to your liking.
Use original art that you or a friend has designed.
(if using another member's original art, be sure to have their permission).
Use creative slogans or logos.
Use any colors you wish. (No color limitations)
- Any of the above combinations are acceptable.

Must of course be neo related, and remember, your intentions are to design a t-shirt.

Enter your design on any a solid color background such as black, blue or white.

T-shirt Design Templates

Not mandatory to use, but could prove helpful.