What game do you hope SNK brings to the Home Cart system next


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I hope we get either a new Fatal Fury game or Mark of the Wolves. I guess I just like the Fatal Fury characters =)


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Last Blade 3 would be my #1 request. Not that I see much room for improvement on Last Blade 2.


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Yes we were. You really need to play this game. Mark of the Wolves has better graphics, but LB2 is more enjoyable play wise, in my opinion. In MotW, playing Kushnood Butt / Marco Rodriguez is just like playing Ryu in street fighter. His fireballs are crazy fast, my favorite character to play with against people. Shigen is my favorite in LB2.


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Shawn ok you have convinced me to try that game now. If Last Blade rules as much as you say it does I will change my mind and say that the next game that needs to get made is Last Blade 3. =)


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Last Blade 3.

I totally agree with everything Shawn said about Lb2 and Garou. Lb2 is untouchable even by a game as great as Garou.


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I'm pretty sure that most people will want to see more of the newer games, but I can't forget those classics that made me want to buy a Geo in the first place.

After playing Streets of Rage 2 with Lou I'd like to see the return of beat'em-ups. A sequel to Burning Fight would do just nicely. I haven't played Sengoku 2 but I'm pretty sure a new one couldn't hurt.

Let's not forget everybody's favorite Vietnam shooter (I don't think I need to tell which one). "Do I have to go back to this hell again?" YES, I believe you need to make a third trip.

Another King of the Monsters that plays like the first one would make a fine addition in my opinion. Our cities are becoming over-populated, someone should send in Geon and Astroguy to fix the problem.

Both Lou and I agree that another Cyber-Lip is long overdue. I can imagine returning to Earth and fighting the aliens that have taken over.

I'd also like to play a sequel to Ninja Commando. There's just something about running around and destroying everything that's just so damn fun.

I almost added League Bowling to my list, but I feel that it's perfect and doesn't need a sequel.

One more thing, a pinball game. Something similar to Devil's Crush for the Turbo. A KOF or Fatal Fury version would do nicely. We need more video pinball games in the world, good ones that is. Imagine Devil's Crush on the Geo, that's the kind of power I want to see in a pinball game.

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Ninja commando was a bad ass game. Please leave pinball to the actual pinball machines though.


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While I would also love to see LB3, SS5, or a MotW 2 I really want KoF 2K first. I know many people think the KoF series has gotten stale and should end or experience a great change, but I thought 99 was the best one since 96 and hope 2K continued in this tradition. I can't really see how they could improve too much on LB2 or MotW, with the exception of adding new people, so I would like to see SS5 next. A lot of people didn't care for SS4 due to the instant kill and others hate SS3 for various reasons so I think that series has the most room to improve.


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At this point, I'd be glad to see any game coming out, either an original shooter, platformer, or overly rehashed fighters like KOF or Fatal Fury, anything to keep the system alive.
Metal Slug 4 and Mark Of The Wolves 2. I allso wait for the first game to pass the 1000 meg count!


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Samurai Shodown 5. With updated graphics and all new engine. That is all I need! That is all I must have! Anything else is a bonus.
Wouldnt mind seeing the characters from Galaxy Fight show up in a cameo somewhere. Anywhere? Hell, like thats ever going to happen.


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I'd be happiest if the next Neo-Geo game were a particularly bad ass horizontal shooter, but at this point, anything will do...


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How bout Shock Troopers 3. That would rock.

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I also forgot to mention that in a previous post I can't remember which one, that I would like to see a Streets of Rage or Final Fight type game using the Fatal Fury characters as the main people in the game. I think that game would be in very high demand.

Neo Bomber Man

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I would be happy to plunk down the required capital for Magician Lord 2, Crossed Swords 3, World Heroes 3/4 or just a home release of Neo Bomber Man (or NMB2).

But those are all ADK, & NBM is Hudson, so as for an SNK game, I would be happiest to see a true, storyline-intensive Art of Fighting 4, or just any kind of game that has appearances by all sorts of SNK characters, like Kim (Kizuna Encounter), Geese Howard, the Sakazaki family, the Sports Hero team, etc. A good sequel to Samurai 1 would be worth it as well, as would King of the Monsters, with a new Battle Royal mode!


A neo-version of Guerilla War would be great and this time iwt Che and Fidel in the englsih version as well. Che is worth getting a cool game on Neo Geo and the original had already a good story. Next to this I would like to see :
A new Neo Mr. Do 2 and much more diffucult (ok it's visco)
Any good new action game

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Shawn's favorite LB chr is Shigen? I thought so. No wonder there was a big pic of him on this homepage.

Mine would be MOTW, KOF 2000, Last Blade, and SS. But I really want to see SS5, even if I liked the other mentioned games sligthly more.