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  • Merry xmas buddy. Thanks for everything in the past and of course the current, still holding the site. Thank you.
    Shawn, why the sensoring and blocking of the word NeoGeoFreak/Neo_Geo_Freak on the site and in my signature?
    You told me to come here, post, and show photos of some of the glossy arts, sketches, and other rare collectibles, but the links won't work if you're blocking Neo_Geo_Freak.

    logged in for the first time in what?? 12+ years. I had some mail too. lol

    (edit: first time in 12 years)
    Just wanted to say thanks - I've been a member here for 10 years and appreciate you doing this. I have always enjoyed this site and hope it always remainrs.-- Jim
    Hey Shawn. I was able to get a hold of the issue of Hyper with your interview and a couple snippets of my interview. :P I was just wondering if you want me to make a high quality scan for you.

    I can see that you've been on this site today. Can you please delete my DAMN account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i tried to post some threads in your site and it wont allow me to post?

    it says it required to have ADMIN approve?

    LMK thanks
    Once again, my posts are requiring moderator approval! Why is this? This is a video game forum. I feel like I am trying to pass a message across East/West German boarder and everything I say has to be read and approved! Please approve and allow me to make posts as frequent as need be without interruptions.

    Thank you.
    Why all of the sudden do my reply posts require moderator approval? Please approve or turn this off. Not sure why there is so much "security" on this forum.
    I need my account activated as soon as possible to post and PM. Just bought a modded AES and MVS-2-13 mini cab and I have tons of questions that I know the users of this forum can answer!

    Please try to get the ball rolling for the Arcade Sales forum. Over 150 users would like it to happen and the current mods have done nothing about it.
    I'm sure you get a pile of these daily, heck, there's a bunch below, but I can't find an answer on the forums about this. I can reply, but I can't create new topics.
    Hi Shawn,
    I've been here since 2005 and can't seem to stop posting in all the forums.

    I'm a newbie in the forum. I'm unable to post in the for sale section. Please fix. Thanks
    Hi Shawn,

    I have an existing account on the Forums under the Forum ID neocondition. I want to change the email address that is linked to my account.

    How do I go about doing that?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    hi there sir. i made a account a few days ago and still can not post on the forums?

    what am i doing wrong?

    user name= pha
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ElecMan wrote on WilalvesBR's profile.
Hi, I saw your YouTube video where you displayed your MegaMan the Power Battle Rental Board. Would you be intereswd in selling it? I can make you an offer. Thanks

Olá, vi seu vídeo no YouTube em que você exibiu seu MegaMan, o Painel de aluguel do Power Battle. Você estaria interessado em vendê-lo? Eu posso te fazer uma oferta. Obrigado
Sylvie wrote on Mr.Bojangles's profile.
Fuck you
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SNKGalSimp wrote on Mai_Lover's profile.
Hi there, I am a Mai fan too and I just joined.