Weekly Roundup


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Jan 16, 2014
After a nearly 60-hour work week, I needed a break.

Did my usual rounds of Super Turbo and KoF '98 on the cabs.


Dead Space 2023 - I love the original but I've been having a hard time playing "new" games the last couple of years.

Mr. Driller Drillland - Finally got to the 3rd section of levels (2000m). It definitely feeds my need for old-school arcade games where you have to get in the zone at some point to have a good run but man is that shit tough. Had me cursing when a couple of my runs fell apart 75-90% of the way in.

DNF Duel - Kind of fun to play an old-school "broken" fighting game where the point isn't playing other people but just learning the highest damage, most ridiculous combos and just destroying the AI. Every character has ludicrously big buttons and broken shit that leads to 70-80% combos off one touch. I'll probably never play another human being in it but I'm having fun nevertheless.


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Sep 24, 2003
Beat Metroid Prime yesterday.

Years ago, on the Gamecube, I died a couple of times to the Omega Pirate, put the game down, and just never picked it up again.

This time around, I was using PrimeHack (I think I started this run before the Switch version was released) with Keyboard + Mouse controls and texture packs.

Omega Pirate was still a pain in the ass, but Ridley and Metroid Prime itself were a breeze. Those fights (and the Omega Pirate) seem to be partially built around throwing off or decreasing the usefulness of the lock-on, so the mouse controls might have broken things in my favor a little bit. The morph ball is harder to control with WASD.

Overall, l recommend it. Even before I applied the 17gb in updated textures, the game looked amazing. The visors were especially well-implemented. I can't think of any other 3d game released in 2002 that even comes close.

Now I'm working through the rest of the series, which is completely new to me.


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May 4, 2004

Gave up on Wolfenstein, FPS just aren't for me. Every few years I get the itch to play one and am instantly reminded why I don't. Oh well at least it was only $5.

Resident Evil Remake HD- Still one of the best games ever made. It's incredible that this is basically an upscaled version of a Gamecube game from 20 years ago. Totally forgot about the Crimson Heads though so now I need to restart it as I accidentally fucked myself lol.