Universe Bios 3.3 MVS/AES released!


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It's finally here...

Today I have released version 3.3 of the Universe Bios. A couple of nice new features along with the normal updates relating to cheats and stuff.

See below for a complete list of changes.


Additions / Changes

  • Added ability to display the crosshatch and color bar screens on AES hardware. Hold BCD during the unibios splash screen and choose option 1. To cycle between the crosshatch and color bar screen press 1up start.
  • The ingame menu patch screen now shows you the value at the patch address before and after it's patched.
  • The Universe bios can now detect a 16Mhz overclock. When an overclock is active it will be reported on the main unibios menu screen.
  • The ability to use buttons 'A' and 'B' as multislot 'game select' buttons during attract mode or on the games title page. The Universe Bios option 'Enable Cabinet Fixes' must be enabled to use this new feature. Big thanks to kuze for the help testing this.
  • PC2NEO (USB version only) updated to work with version 3.4 of PC2NEO firmware or later, only standard transfer mode is supported. 08bit upload and download also now supported to allow easy for memory card loading and saving.

  • The Universe Bios splash screen no longer draws with the older NG:DEV games on AES hardware.
  • The default in game menu color has changed (you can still change it back to the old colors).
  • Changed some of the internal ingame color pallettes.
  • Made the crosshatch screen border red to match red used in other tests.
  • Added small delay before reading unibios settings from the memory card (AES only).
  • Renamed the 'Enable 1Up Coin Move' setting to 'Enable Cabinet Fixes'. This feature works still works in the same way but has expanded functionality as explained above.

  • The Ironclad incorrect color brightness bug/protection will not happen when in Euro region.
  • The calender hardware test can no longer get stuck in an infinate loop. This was an infamous situation that happens on the original neo geo bios.
  • If Hiscore saving (to memory card) gets disabled on multislot hardware due to cheats or debugDIPs, it will now re-enable on game change.
  • Small Improvements in the memory card manager (text layouts).
  • Less chance of pixel glitching on ingame menu exit back to game.
  • Formatting a memory card on AES no longer clears any stored color settings (for ingame menu).
  • The boot time memory card check no longer clears any stored color settings used by the ingame menu. This test is only done if the memory card is not formatted.
  • The BackupRAM memory test now checks the first 0x10 bytes.
  • The boot time memory card check now tests the first 0x04 bytes.

  • Fixed long standing bug in games KOF98, BREAKREV, NEOCUP98 and RBFF2 where inserting a coin on the "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen caused the 8x8 layer to corrupt or resets on multislot hardware. This happened with the original USA bios also. Big thanks to kuze for the help testing this fix.
  • Fixed DIP hilighting (shows if an active cheat is patching the DebugDIPs location), this was kind of broke in v3.2.
  • Fixed rare instance where going in and out of the DebugDIPs screen could currupt a games high score table if the game did not support DebugDIPs.
  • Fixed missing title screen in 'The Super Spy'.
  • Fixed minor color glitch on active cheat 'X' when entering cheat menu.
  • Fixed pixel glitches on startup just before the splash screen draws.
  • Fixed pixel glitches entering the ingame color changer page.
  • Fixed pixel glitches on the ingame color changer page.
  • Fixed rare glitching on in game menu memory viewer page.
  • Fixed rare glitching on in game menu video viewer page.
  • Lessened glitching in various places through test mode.
  • Metal Slug 2 Turbo (hack) support added for cheats and highscore saving.
Cheats / CRC Database

  • Added cheats for Crossed Swords 2.
  • Added new cheats added for Neo Bomberman (plus fixed existing).
  • Added cheats for hidden characters in Zintrick.
  • Added new cheats for Iron Clad.
  • Added Infinite Magic cheats to Kabuki Klash.
  • Added better cheats for Stakes Winner.
  • Added better cheats for Stakes Winner 2.
  • Added 'Show SP commands OSD' cheat for Samurai Shodown 4
  • Fixed Rage of the Dragons 'Infinate Time' cheat to work with home cart
  • Fixed Ninja Combat 'Max Power' cheat typo.
  • Fixed 3 Count Bout 'Infinite Energy' cheats to no longer be buggy.
  • Fixed Fatal Fury 3 'PL2 Infin Credits' cheat.
  • Added Crossed Swords 2 to the crc database.
  • Added Rage of the Dragons (home cart) to the crc database.
  • Added New Fight Fever version to the crc database.
  • Added Metal Slug 2 turbo (hack) to the crc database.
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Jaguar Ninja
Excellent stuff as always Raz! Thanks for the testing shout-outs, looking forward to trying out v3.3. :buttrock:

Edit: By the way guys, the 'Cabinet Fixes' option makes it easy to use a multi-slot board on a Jamma cab. I run my six slot in my Blast City using this and use A/B buttons to change slots. Audio is routed through a FrancoB stereo adapter to the 001 loom RCA plugs.
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Robert Garcia's Butler
Great news!!! Some brilliant changes and improvements there! Will pick up a copy of you at some point soon!


Divine Hand of the UniBIOS,
Staff member
Nice. Anything new that could be added to a possible 3.3 Neo Geo CD bios? Thanks.

All things in this MVS/AES version that can be in the CD version will be along with quite a list of changes and fixes in the CD version. The CD release is still a short time away though.


Rugal's Thug
Great stuff as always!
I was wondering if it's possible to add Geese as a playable character on RBS in the cheat menu. This would be awesome.


Crazed MVS Addict
This is awesome!

I'm stoked for the added support for MS2 Turbo. That and the fixed Super Spy logo. Can't wait to get mine upgraded!!!


Edo Express Delivery Guy
Nice work as always!
Is the UniBios for the CD system the same for all the different models (front/top/CDZ)?
And is it available for download in 3.1 or earlier?


Divine Hand of the UniBIOS,
Staff member
It is the same for all systems but 3.2 is not currently available for download as it was the first release of the CD version. I'm hoping to have v3.3 of the CD version released in the next couple of months all going well. At that point 3.2 will be available for download.


Blame madman, You Know You Want To.,
3.3 received this week and just now installed into my Omega. Good stuff!


yeah he did that, ,
This sounds awesome! I wanna get this new Unibios. I'm gonna have to crack open my AES to see what I'm running from getting it modded before.


Bashful Neophyte
Hello there Raz, I would like to order one for my MVS4. Do you ship to USA? If so, how long does it take to arrive. Thanks in advance!


Divine Hand of the UniBIOS,
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Yes I do and normally received within 2 weeks. see my sig for URL to order.


Bashful Neophyte
Just got my Unibios in the mail. Was hoping the hardware test feature would spot what the problem was with my AES but no dice. At least its arrival gave me the drive to finally repair my Neo Geo pad.


Mr. Big's Thug
I was playing kof98 aes and noticed both survivor modes data overwrite each other on the memory card. Is it something that could be fixed?


Mr. Big's Thug
Do you know what message you get when using a memory card that needs to be formated or when it's full, when played on stock MVS bios?