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Do women go to Republican heaven?

Maybe they’re there are just seen, rather than heard.

Pretty sure they are also transformed into white males upon arrival. And their reward is that they can finally play golf at the big boy tees.


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Republican Heaven is like that shitty Amazon Series, Upload.


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George Soros invented cancer to kill this pure beacon of truth. Joke's on him. This was just part of the plan.

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Is there a republican heaven? I wonder what it’s like. Probably all whites, and even the black people who die become white in republican heaven. They all wear Ralph Lauren Polo, even the rednecks with mullets; and tiny cherubs float around with trays of champagne, cigars, and avocado minitoasts. The cigars are made in the gitmo side of Cuba, so they’re better, American, and rules on the thighs of some faceless brownskinned bipedals that don’t get named in republican heaven.



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He made the world a better place..................................................... by dropping dead.