Starting my Hyper series for YT shooting soon - anyone want anything in particular?

Neo Alec

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Dec 7, 2000
Caught the first episode on Youtube. I am pumped! I like how you fit so much good information on the hardware in a short amount of time.


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Jan 20, 2009
I had planned on discussing the controls of Buriki in depth since it’s so unique. I don’t have a CP but maybe I can find someone who can shoot one for me. I don’t use photos from online in the videos so sometimes I am limited to what I can produce in house.

I need to capture a bit more Buriki. I can’t show the entire roster (time wise) but my primary capture was the boxing character as he “clicked” the most with me control wise

This is a ghetto rig, but I think for Buriki, you could take an Aero City or comparable, and just rotate the CP 180 degrees (and of course rotate the joysticks, swap controls between sides) and have a very functional setup.