Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV service menu Tips, Tricks and settings suggestions


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Just figured it out. This particular Sony ONLY accepts changes with a 50Hz signal present. With 60Hz the geometry settings are locked. Thx anyway.


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such bullshit. it's a shame it can't be tweaked well, the tube should be very decent.


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Anyone whit a sony trinitron kv29cl11k or similar can tell me why I can't save changing of Csec value under "design" in service menu? It must be set to 0000, 0001 or 1000... but keep going
To 1100 and everything tends to yellow...
Service menu is like this:
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So i'm looking at this guide trying to figure out where I need to start.

My tv has a bend in the screen where the middle of the screen is higher than the left and right sides. I'm trying to level that line out again. Also the edges of the square picture arent straight.


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This thread is great. Very informative.

Question hopefully someone can answer. I just got my first Trinitron: a KV-36XBR450. A hulking beast of a TV!
I've hooked up three game consoles to it: N64, PS1, and a Wii. The PS1 and N64 are composite, and the screen scrolls and bounces around. I have tried every composite input, and the same issue occurs.

The Wii, on the other hand, works great on the component inputs. No crawl, no bounce, nothing. The N64 and PS1 work fine on other sets.

So...what's wrong with my composite inputs? :( This TV has a bunch of S-video...but it's been years since I had an S-video cable for a console. Gonna try and dig one up this weekend to test.

A bit of an old thread bump. But, I got a fix for this!

In case anybody else comes across this issue!


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Praise to op for posting and saving this, this has been a lifesaver for my monster. I can’t get it perfect but it is certainly a lot better. My menu has so many options not listed though, would love to know what they all are. It’s a kv-36xbr800 , if there is a more detailed menu description out there that anyone knows of please post up!


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I Have a KV32FS100 in the service manual I found the list at the beginning of this post plus some more inputs inlcuding meaning. The models for what this list will work are easily readable in the top right of the image attached.

Have fun.


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Restore user settings just resets back to whatever values the user (you) set in service settings. Reset values will reset them back to factory settings.

On a side note, does anyone know what setting VDP2-19 FSC is? I cannot figure out what FSC stands for, all I know is that switching it from what it was (can't recall offhand) fixed an issue I was having.
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Be VERY careful about using the "reset" options on Sony televisions. In many cases, the "reset" values are BEFORE the factory calibration - meaning you'll need to calibrate every setting yourself afterwards.