Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV service menu Tips, Tricks and settings suggestions


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It's getting hard to find info on Service menu settings for Sony's WEGA CRT Tvs. Much of the this info has disappeared from the Web. For the most part, this thread is relevant for WEGA CRTs produced from around 2000 to 2006 or so.

The Following info comes from:

As you can tell, this isn't on the web anymore. I had to use wayback machine to pull it up. I have slightly reformatted and cleaned up this info for the forum.



[PWR OFF] - [DISP], [5], [VOL+], [PWR ON]
[PWR OFF] - [DISP], [5], [PWR ON]

The TV will turn on in service mode and the screen will look something like this:


[1] = Moves to Previous Menu Item
[4] = Moves to Next Menu Item
[3] = Adjusts Value Up
[6] = Adjusts Value Down
[MTS] = Toggles Stereo/Mono Audio

[MUTE] followed by [ENTER] = stores NEW service mode settings to NVRAM

[8] followed by [ENTER] = Restores All *USER* settings to factory defaults

[0] followed by [ENTER] = Read Default service mode value from stored settings. (service mode reset)

[PWR OFF] = Leave Service Mode any settings not written will be in effect until TV is unplugged or a Reset is performed.

BEFORE storing NEW settings - unplug TV from wall, wait a few seconds, then plug back in, turn TV set on - All settings not written will have been lost.
AFTER storing NEW settings - restore original value from list you made of original values before adjustments and store in NVRAM.


If you have a XBR250 and you're experiencing horizontal blue, green or red banding across the screen with a component video connection, you will need to enter service mode and adjust the HOSC parameter. Initially HOSC is set to 7 (factory default), you'll need to change it to about 11 - this will eliminate the color banding in the picture.

AFC 0 0-3 AFC Loop Gain
HFRE 42 0-127 Horizontal Frequency
VFRE 11 0-31 Vertical Frequency
VPOS 16 0-31 Vertical Picture Position
VSIZ 18 0-63 Vertical Picture Size
VLIN 6 0-15 Vertical Picture Linearity
VSCO 10 0-15 Vertical Correction
HPOS 6 0-15 Horizontal Picture Position
HSIZ 11 0-31 Horizontal Picture Size
PAMP 18 0-31 Pincushion Amp.
CPIN 4 0-7 Corner Pincushion
PPHA 7 0-15 Pincushion Phase
UPIN 10 0-31 Pincushion upper ends, vertical lines
LPIN 10 0-31 Pincushion lower ends, vertical lines
PPHA 7 0-15 Keystone correction vertical lines
HKEY 6 0-15 Keystone distortion, horizontal lines
HTRP 8 0-15 Keystone correction, horizontal lines
VCOM 2 0-7 Vertical Compensation
VUSN 0 0,1 Shrinks Vertical Height to 16x9 Area
VZOM 0 0,1 Places Bars on Picture to give 16x9 Area
EHT 15 Adjust Height of VZOM
ASP 47 Vertical Picture Size - Aspect
SCRL 31 Vertical Picture Position
HBLK 1 0,1 Horizontal Blanking (on/off)
LBLK 15 Left Blanking
RBLK 3 Right Blanking
GAMP 18 0-31 Green Amp.
BAMP 14 0-31 Blue Amp.
GDRV 18 0-31 Green Driver
BDRV 14 0-31 Blue Driver
RCUT 15 Red Cutoff - (lower level)
GCUT 4 0-15 Green Cutoff - (lower level)
BCUT 1 0-15 Blue Cutoff - (lower level)
RDRV 21 Red Amp. - (upper level)
GDRV 18 Green Amp. - (upper level)
BDRV 14 Blue Amp. - (upper level)
DCOL 1 0,1 Color Temperature
COFF 0 0,1 Color On/Off - B/W Picture
Y-DC 0 0-15 BLACK background level retention
R-YR 15 0-15 Sets the amount of RED
R-YB 15 0-15 Sets the amount of RED
G-YG 11 0-15 Sets the amount of GREEN
G-YB 9 0-15 Sets the amount of GREEN
AXIS 0 0-15 Cleans up the red & oranginess in yellow
DPIX 0 0-3 Dynamic Picture
CROM 28 0-63 Chroma Trap
SPIX 30 0-63 Sub-Picture Contrast (Picture)
SCON 30 0-63 Sub-Picture Contrast (Picture)
SHUE 23 0-63 Sub-Picture Hue
SCOL 26 0-63 Sub-Picture Color
SBRT 22 0-63 Sub-Picture Brightness (Black Level)
RGBP 10 0-63 RGB Picture
SHAP 6 0-15 Sub-Picture Sharpness
SHPF 3 0-15 This helps with the S-Video sharpness
NRLV 0 0-3 Find the value that gives the best resolution
VSMO 1 0,1 Vertical Pull In Range (1 allows PAL in B&W)
REF 2 0-3 Reference Line
ROFF 1 0,1 Red Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
GOFF 1 0,1 Green Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
BOFF 1 0,1 Blue Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
RON 1* 0,1 Red Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
GON 1* 0,1 Green Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
BON 1* 0,1 Blue Gun ON(1)/OFF(0)
AXPL 0 0,1 Cleans up Reds/Yellows
ABLM 0 0,1 Automatic Background or Brightness Limiter
NOTC 1 0,1 Notch Filter ON(1)/OFF(0)
VMLV 0 0,1 Scanning Velocity Modulation ON(1)/OFF(0)
VAPI 0 0,1 Sets vert resolution for 3-d comb filter
VAPG 0 0,1 Sets vert resolution for 3-d comb filter
DRGB 0 0,1 On-Screen Display (OSD) Intensity
DISP 35 0-63 On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu Placement (L/R)
VTMS 0 0-3 On Screen Display (OSD) - On/Off
DPDV 1 0-3 Lumipon
MPIC 8 0-63 Lumipon (depth)
SVOL 0 0-15 Sub-Volume (0=Max,15=Min.)
SBAL 7 0-15 Sub-Balance (0=Left,15=Right)
BASS 8 0-15 Sub-Bass (0=Min., 15=Max.)
TRE 7 0-15 Sub-Treble (0=Mix., 15=Max.)
MPX - 0-15 Audio ATT
FILO - 0-15 Audio I1
DEEM - 0-15 Audio I2
STEV - 0-15 Audio OSC1
SAPV - 0-15 Audio OSC2
PILO - 0-15 Audio PILOT
SEP - 0-15 Audio WIDE BAND
VD - 0-15 Audio SPECTRAL
LVOL - 0-15 Audio VOLUME-L
RVOL - 0-15 Audio VOLUME-R
PADJ 63 0-255 Hor/Vert Picture Adjustment (total picture)
UYBO 32 0-63 Upper Y Bow (B/R Top)
LYBO 27 0-63 Lower Y Bow (B/R Bottom)
HAMP 34 0-63 Horizontal Amp. (B/R OuterLines)
HTIL 32 0-63 Horizontal Tilt (R/R)
UCBO 39 0-63 Upper C Bow (B/R Corners Only)
UTIL 37 0-63 Upper Tilt (Top Corners)
LCBO 41 0-63 Lower C Bow (B/R Corners Only)
LTIL 40 0-63 Lower Tilt (Bottom Corners)
DCSH 36 0-63 DC Shift (Static Convergence All Vertical)
VBOW 30 0-63 Bow distortion correction vertical lines
VANG 30 0-63 Skew correction, vertical lines
RTCO - 0-63 Raster Rotation
PHPO 79 0-127 Picture In Picture (PIP) Horizontal Position
PHUE 0 0-31 Picture In Picture (PIP) Hue
MSHU - 0-31 Main PIP hue
MSCOL - 0-31 Main PIP color
SSHU - 0-31 Small PIP Hue
SSCO - 0-31 Small PIP Color
GV SKEW - 0-63 convergence service item
GH SKEW - 0-63 convergence service item
GH BOW - 0-63 convergence service item
RV SKEW - 0-63 convergence service item
BV SKEW - 0-63 convergence service item
GH PIN - 0-63 convergence service item
GH CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
GV CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
RH CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
RV CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
BH CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
BV CENT - 0-63 convergence service item
ID0 88 0-127 Model ID
ID1 127 0-127 Model ID
ID2 104 0-127 Model ID
ID3 64 0-127 Model ID
ID4 19 0-127 Model ID
ID5 1 0-127 Model ID

Not all ITEMS appear on all televisions models.
Provisions for convergence adjustments are not enabled on 27" or smaller Sony direct view television sets.
Typical settings may not apply to your particular model and are shown only for reference purposes.


One of the most important things you can do is to write down ANY changes you make in the Service Menu. Write down current and then new settings. It's very, very easy to misadjust these TV's and fuck everything up.

I will continue to update this first post as new info is found. Keep in mind not all the Service Menu options appear on all TV's.

Xian Xi

Nice work. I needed this like 5 years ago and ended up paying I think $12 for instructions on how to get into the service menu since people were hoarding info.


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-BROKEN- Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I know my Wega needs some adjusting but I have been at a complete loss with finding a readable FAQ. I got the service manual but that really served no practical purpose. I didn't want to start haphazardly start changing things for trial and error, but it probably would have came to that soon...

Anyway, thanks again! :buttrock:


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Awesome. Something I have been getting around to do on the Sony 36" XBR400 I have. Note the first option ([PWR OFF] - [DISP], [5], [VOL+], [PWR ON]) was the one that worked...




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I was making some changes to my 27inch KV series trinitron and found a setting called INTL with values from 0-3, they make the scanlines look amazing around values 2-3 but sadly they don't save even after writing to NVRAM. Once you turn off the tv and back on it defaults back to 0.

Strangely enough this setting does not exist on the 34" KV series I have (but it does have a slew of comb filter options) but nothing seems to adjust the scanline/shadows like the INTL setting.


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Thanks you so much, i am about to get a Wega, so this will be very helpful.
Hehe, i have had an LG Flatron for years, bought it because it was sopposed to be NTSC and PAL, but PAL games displayed black and white. For years i tought i got riped off. Until one day i entered its service mode, and from there i finally fot it to display my PAL consoles properly. I so love that tv.
Anyone knows if the Wega is compatible with both NTSC and PAL?


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Fuck the geometry on these sets is so hard to get perfect.

Thanks for this guide, it's gotten me the best result so far.

WEGA 4 Life.


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Thanks you so much, i am about to get a Wega, so this will be very helpful.
Hehe, i have had an LG Flatron for years, bought it because it was sopposed to be NTSC and PAL, but PAL games displayed black and white. For years i tought i got riped off. Until one day i entered its service mode, and from there i finally fot it to display my PAL consoles properly. I so love that tv.
Anyone knows if the Wega is compatible with both NTSC and PAL?

Crap, just got a Wega, but the seller didnt have the remote. So, its not posible to access the service mode without the remote?


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Most likely not, you need to have a display and muting button typically but you might get lucky with a universal that has it, or check ebay.


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This thread is great. Very informative.

Question hopefully someone can answer. I just got my first Trinitron: a KV-36XBR450. A hulking beast of a TV!
I've hooked up three game consoles to it: N64, PS1, and a Wii. The PS1 and N64 are composite, and the screen scrolls and bounces around. I have tried every composite input, and the same issue occurs.

The Wii, on the other hand, works great on the component inputs. No crawl, no bounce, nothing. The N64 and PS1 work fine on other sets.

So...what's wrong with my composite inputs? :( This TV has a bunch of S-video...but it's been years since I had an S-video cable for a console. Gonna try and dig one up this weekend to test.


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I have a Sony XA34M31, I can get into the service menu fine and I can change the settings I want to fix up the geometry. However it doesn't save,with mute and enter, I need to use mute and 0.

It took me a while to find this info (it may have driven me crazy for an hour...) and it doesn't seem to be posted elsewhere.


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I have the same problem as Beaps with a KV-21T1D. I can access the service menu, no problem. But i cannot change any of the values. There must be an additional step with these models. Can anyone shed some light on this?
I had a Trinitron that would only let me change the values while I was watching TV or gave it composhit - which was utter crap because I wanted to adjust for a better picture when the screen was in RGB mode. Might want to experiment with that.

Here's my post from the CRT Fetish Thread about it:
Oh, and while I'm at it, here's some pics of my old Screen, a Sony Trinitron KV-21T3D.

I really wouldn't recommend this model and I never got it set up to put out a decent picture (I think that shows in the photos). You can only change the settings via the remote when you're using the tuner or supply a composite signal - once you change to RGB (which you have to select manually everytime as well by pressing the aux button twice, otherwise it'll show composite) the picture shifts and changes colors. So you're basically adjusting the RGB picture blind, hoping the changes you make will be right. This also means that if you're going for a good RGB picture, the composite picture you're seeing while adjusting will be shifted and looking bad. You also have to switch off your RGB source while using composite/tuner, otherwise the menu won't be readable because the picture is running. The service mode can only be reached by a entering a code on the remote while the TV is in standby, which adds to the fun...