Sheldon_Adelson is dead.


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I hope he was cognitive enough last week to see his hand-picked trump lackeys fist bumping anti-Semites.
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Fuck him. Sucks for the republicans who now have to suck his widow’s dick for donations. She’s even worse.


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Money in politics is drying up.

Kochs haven't been dumping as much as they used to or said they wanted to and a bunch of corporations in recent days and over the years have said they refuse to donate until the political climate cools down.

Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan to pause political donations

Several US firms are reviewing their donation policies in the aftermath of riots at the Capitol in the past week.

Politicians might actually have to start working for us.

I'm sure by the time they actually start doing something the money will start coming back in again.

I can't imagine this is very endearing for the Republican party towards Trump. He lost the house, control of congress, the presidency and now worst of all.... the money is gone.
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