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A Joala is for Life., Not Just Christmas.,
But do your carts have the limited edition black residue??

Sega Rhea

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My mind is reading that like some sort of math problem...TerraOnion times happy cart = middle finger to darksoft? Or do I solve for Y?

Sega Rhea

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The love... it's just emanating.

And I'm not new. Can't make that any more clear (I think we're at a total of 15% of my posts going over this single point...). I'll go over details with you Rot, but you're never in fucking chat. I know you're swamped with your fag posts, but if you could find the time from your precious schedule, that'd be super helpful ;).
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Store them in a jar for 5 minutes then release them under the nose of your spouse or a close friend.