Road to kof 14


Jaguar Ninja
It would be pretty funny if SNKP didn't bother to release 20th anniversary title at all.

Angry, speculating neckbeards.


Morden's Lackey
That guy believes the game will come out this year ?
It sounds unfeasible.
It's a shame tough that KOF's 20th anniversary will only be celebrated 21/22 years later the release of the first game...


Rasputin's Rose Gardener
Gotta admit though, this guys accent is pretty entertaining.

"..and dis guy's not jus some random shmuck on tha innanet with a youtube channel like me."

- Short Fuse, 2014
When I read this thread title, I can't get the picture of the bridge to nowhere out of my mind. I can't imagine why...


Bewbs! Z'OMG, Teh BEWBS!,
I enjoyed the video strictly because it was interesting hearing a low level New York mobster talk about KOF.

"Hey youse guys! Release KOF already ayyyyyy?"