Rate It!!: WindJammers Edition

Rate It!!: WindJammers

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Neo Bubble Buster
This game started my love for the Neo Geo. It's amazingly fun, and great when you have a group. Beats a lot of fighting games when it comes to my circle of friends.

I may be biased, but this is my favorite Neo Geo game...with a strong possiblity of being my favorite overall game.

Xian Xi

I agree, it's an amazing very fun game. When people have Neo gathering and bust this out they really need to make some match vids.


Neo Bubble Buster
I've always wondered why this one never got any sort of re-release over the years. I don't think i have ever seen it in any compilation release. Was this one of those "in the know" kinda games?


The Portuguese Chop
Windjammers was in every pool hall, arcade, bar that I went to in Figueira Da Foz, Portugal back in 1994. I wish I could've videotaped matches that went on back then. I gave it a 9.

Xian Xi

6 - better in 2 player

Very true. 1 player 6, 2 player 9-10.

I always have to find someone to play with on this game. Even increasing the difficulty of the CPU doesn't make it a fun 1 player game.

When playing this game I usually set it in Japan mode since the timer is higher as well as score.

Learning the curves opens new doors.


Jaguar Ninja
I rated it a 8 maybe that's a bit high but that's how much i enjoyed the game.Still it's down fall is afther mastering it in 1p mode then it can get,boreing realy quick.The game fun in it is the 2p for the most part.


King's Dry Cleaner
10, despite the limited one player experience. (although the dog catching Frisbee mini game is awesome!)

This is a game I never knew about back in the arcade heyday and only discovered after getting into MVS. Wow, was I missing out.
I have people over to play games regularly and have taken big red cabs to a couple cons and this game, without fail, is always the biggest hit.
I think it's the combination of fast paced gameplay and the easy to pick up but deeper than you realize mechanics.

Just a few weeks ago I had a few people over and had this in the 4 slot as usual. They are casual gamers, not neo-heads; they had never heard or played it before. Before I had a chance to encourage them to play, someone had happened upon it and was asking excitedly, "What is THIS game?" By the end of the night, everyone in the group was playing it, both versus and rotating one player to see who could beat the cpu.
The last con I went to was a 3 day affair. By the second day a group of 8 people, only one of which had played it before, were demanding a tournament. And have a tournament we did. It was small but awesome. (I lost btw)


Death Before Dishonesty, Logic Above All,
One of the best non-fighting versus games in existence. It's too bad that a sequel was never made.

A lengthy series of volleys (for lack of a better term) between two skilled plays is insane.


Crossed Swords Squire
I personally like the game. It did not get me interested in the Neo at first, but still a pretty good game. Overall, I gave it an 8.

Xian Xi

They should really have this game in EVO.

I think Daigo vs Justin would be very interesting....lol


Great game, one of the few "sports" titles that I like. (Virtua Striker rules, ok? :D)


Jaguar Ninja
Will always be one of my all time favorite neo games. I'll never let the cart go. I still remember the day I stumbled upon it in the arcades.


Just buy my shit. Seriously. You can call me Susan
Pretty good game. Rather unspectacular to play alone... but good for some multiplayer. :)


Medical Marijuana., Pfffttt......, Dumbass 'murika
7 in 1p (cause of dog minigame)10 for multiplay,had some matches with my brother and we both suck.Looked like 2 retards playing:D


Zero's Secretary
A true forgotten classic! I bought it on MVS on the strength of the praise it receives on this forum - money well spent.

Definately one for drunken game nights.

Has anyone one-credited it in 1 player? It's sooooo hard.


Avid Neo-Expert
A true forgotten classic! I bought it on MVS on the strength of the praise it receives on this forum - money well spent.

Definately one for drunken game nights.

Has anyone one-credited it in 1 player? It's sooooo hard.

It is hard, especially in the beginning once you get past the first two matches. But yeah now I can usually get through one credit just fine. I just played two player for the first time this weekend at a get together I had and found that to be way more challenging... and FUN!

... you don't like the dog mini-game Ratson? I sort of dig it .... :)
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Medical Marijuana., Pfffttt......, Dumbass 'murika
I meant the minigame with the dog made me give 1 point extra,i suck in 1p mode so i only play it with other people.Oh well an 8 would be closer to the truth,it's a great game