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A Broken Man
WTF @ me and Argentina voting on the same score. We'll prolly end up being the only two guys who went there.
I also have never been fond of Sam Sho, except for 3, and that's only because of how beautiful and atmospheric it is.
Balance is a non-issue with me in fighters, so 2 offers very little to me in that regard.
Caffeine Nicotine is one of the coolest fucking characters in any game, however.


The Frog of Genjuro,
SS 2 is such a great game it's a fighting game I think anyone can have fun with it. One of the games that belongs in any neo geo collection.


Crazed MVS Addict
Its definately a great game, although im pretty crap at it to be honest.
My version is a Salaubi Spirits, which is interesting i suppose :loco:


One of the best...

One of the best games SNK ever produced!

Hall of fame!


Xian Xi

I like it for the memories and even had 2 copies of it MVS and AES, well 3 if I include my NGCD as well. But for some reason I still prefer Last Blade over it. I really dont know why.


Wannabe Thug,, born 1991
talks2wall said:
I love this game, even though I miss Tam Tam :(
this is the only thing that bugs me that stops it from being the best fighter ever

on anybody's list though, it should be in the top 5

Perfect? Very, very nearly so. :buttrock:

Electric Grave

King of Spammers
Defenately a 10!

SSII has a big placein my heart, not just for been so grand, because the game is just that enormous, you feel like the game just takes you there, the stages are so regal and intense that your trapped, and the music is just phenomenal!

I agree with the SSIII comment is a gorgeous game, very atmospherical indeed, and has a better use of the buttons than SSII, but it doesn't have the charm, I'm first in line when it comes to defend SSIII, back in the day before SSV & Special, everyone belittled SSIII, but I was there at the frontline!

SSII is one of the best SNK games ever, my only gripe with it which is minimal is not having the button scheme from SSIII.


Wannabe Thug,, born 1991
Abasuto said:
I'd like to see one of these for KOF98 or MS3. Those might have a chance.
98 probably has a chance, FFS probably stacks up very well, but not so sure about MS3... :confused:


Analinguist of the Year
Sorry, but anyone who gave this game below an 8 is a fucking idiot.

Actually, I'm not sorry.


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soulthug said:
98 probably has a chance, FFS probably stacks up very well, but not so sure about MS3... :confused:

MS3 isn't my personal favorite slug, but 3 and X seem to have the most people claiming as the best.