Rate It!!: Pulstar Edition

Rate It!!: Pulstar Edition

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Xian Xi

I thought I already made one but I guess not.

Please rate the game accordingly from 1-10, 10 being best. Rate it only if you played it.

I prefer this game over any Neo shooter mostly for the graphics and R-Type meets Gradius feel. Even though I think it's great I still think there is room for improvement.
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My only regret is that I have... Boneitis!
I wanted to put in 1, just cuz I'm so damn sick of hearing about it. Hearing half the peole go for this thing, you'd think that buying this game would grant you 3 wishes or something.

But I didn't out of respect.


Enemy Chaser
I voted 7. Not nearly as much replay due to it being a checkpoint shooter (some people like that, not I).

Blazing Star is still my fave.

Praise the Lard

Sieger's Squire
The backgrounds/sprites are top notch, the music/sound effects are top notch, the controls are smooth as churned butter, and the game has high replay value due to it's challenge and great balance. I would say just about the only thing you could knock the game for is for being a ripoff of R Type.

A lot of people give this game a nod as the Neo Geo's "second best" shooter. A lot of people are wrong.

How could you ask us to rate this game with mere numbers? THIS IS PULSTAR!


King of Spammers
Praise the Lard said:
A lot of people give this game a nod as the Neo Geo's "second best" shooter. A lot of people are wrong.

Thats not hard is it, its like going into a room of ugly women and being asked to pick the most beautiful one.


Jaguar Ninja
I gave it a 4. Respectable build quality all around. In terms of a game? I'd rather play hide and seek.

It's probably been 8 years since I've played Pulstar. I had it for the Neo CD. That's a good way to go if you like listening to game music.


Cheng's Errand Boy
Great game, still today. Still play it the most of all shooters, especially cause it isn't crazy hard like viewpoint or last resort.

Electric Grave

King of Spammers
Neo shooters aren't Cave-quality or anything but I still think a few of them are enjoyable.
I wouldn't call it "quality" but more like a different style. All the cave games have an ingenious score system that's what sets them apart from the rest. The only Cave sidescrolling game I've played is Deathsmiles and I preffer Pulstar but that's just me. Also on that note Psyko had a sidescroller Tengai/Sengoku Blade, I preffer that one over both games mentioned, however Tengai doesn't have much of a score system sans the typical face medal collecting.

Pulstar gets an 8 from me, I like it better than Blazing Star but not better than Last Resort.


Kraut Mod
Staff member
Voted 9, minus one for the frustration factor. Or should I say motivation?

I love the game.


Crossed Swords Squire
I love the game, although if I had to choose between blazing star, last resort, pulstar and viewpoint as the best I just wouldn't be able to. You need them all :p

Xian Xi

I think it's funny how the Neo shooter people say are way better than Pulstar have almost the same rating.

Blazing Star - 8.1
Last Resort - 7.9
Pulstar - 7.9
Viewpoint - 7.5