Post Your Recent Purchases!

Yup, GameRoom Ken is clownshoes. Bait and switched me on a Sega Swing purchase. First and only time I’ve ever had to do a charge back.
Total ballache to deal with.

Yeah, I've heard some horror stories recently. Thankfully, he's covering shipping and repair work for the chassis - monitor shat the bed the second day I had the cab. I haven't found him unreasonable to deal with, but I also don't have my chassis back yet, so we'll see. PNL is doing the repair work on that.


Dodgeball Yakuza
I had a Neo CD from a local shop about 10 years back, but it was rough and stopped reading games after a while. But I recently came across this one from a Japanese seller, and while it looked clean in the pics, they were a little blurry so I couldn't be sure. But this baby arrived today, and holy crap is it nice. The controllers and paperwork were still sealed in the original bags with tape. The console and wires were opened, but it looks like it was never played. Really happy with this for the price. I just tested her out and she works. :D
I still have a few fighters and two of the Sonic Wings games, but now I need to track down copies of Sengoku 2 and Mutation Nation. Love those beat em ups.


Congrats on finding a basically NOS one! They seem to either be extremely over priced or rebagged and claimed as new. It's always tough trying to judge condition based on pics. Hope you can snag your beat em ups soon and put it to some good use :D