Post editing is back -- PLEASE READ!

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Dec 4, 1977
UPDATE: JULY 11, 2011

Okay, we're pretty sure we've got post edit history back without any hiccups, so [highlight]we're going to turn post editing back on.[/highlight]

If there are no technical hiccups (appearing on our side), it will be permanent. :)

[highlight]If there are issues, we will need to take the ability back offline until it's fixed.[/highlight]

Like before, the ability to edit posts does eventually expire, but it's a long time and will likely only affect ancient threads. We've also set the time limit for the ability to edit titles to be as long as the ability to edit posts.

Keep in mind, we will now have full access to post histories and reserve the right to restore or read old versions of posts as necessary. :very_ang:


Due to abuse, we have reduced the time limit for editing your posts to 5 minutes after a thread has been posted.

We have, however, allowed the titles to remain open to editing. This should allow people to keep their sales threads updated.

[highlight]So here's a tip for sellers:[/highlight]
If you want to update your sales list:
(1) reply to your original post
(2) edit our the quote tags
(3) make changes
(4) update the thread title to note the post number where the update is, e.g. "Update in Post XX"​

[this is a temp sticky, I will remove and move to the Market FAQ after a week]
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