KoF XIII Port this Winter


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Just got an email from Atlus saying they're publishing the game this "Holiday season." I didn't think it would ever happen. :vik:


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I was happy to see in the email it says "vastly improved network functionality". Let's hope so! I'm pumped.


My question is will it resolve one of my biggest issues. The game only has 5 background stages..... They should take all the stages from 12 and 13 to at least have a decent selection. Some home exclusive extras would be nice also.


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Yeah, let's hope so. Just the mention of improved netcode is awesome...And I wonder about console exclusive characters?


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I posted in the other thread, but I just want to clarify:

These Atlus e-mails you guys are receiving are being sent to you as US customers, right? This is an announcement for a domestic NA release, right?

Because I can import and play on PS3, but a translated version would be tits.


I don't know how much longer my body can be ready. This is a fighting game overload. Seriously how can my body handle SSFIV AE, 3sOE, KOFXIII Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag 2?

I just hope that give KOF XIII some decent advertising cuz if not, it's gonna go straight down the toilet.


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I've always known Atlus to publicize the stuff they develop / release etc. There's even a preorder page up on Atlus' site already, which leads to Amazon preorder pages. Oh, and it's not like us, the fans won't be spreading the word, either.


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Oh Atlus, how I love you so.

Now all I need is SEGA to bring VF5: Final Showdown to consoles.

KoF XIII is just what I needed after the crippling disappointments that were MvC3 and MK9 (I know a lot of people like those games, and that's fine with me, but I hated them).


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October 25th 2011 according to report at e3.

Sooner than we thought

October 25th is the date in most Romero movies when the zombie outbreak began.

It's also my birthday.

KOF XIII is being released on my birthday, and there may be zombies.

Best birthday ever.


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Just preordered it as well. Also now have an X Arcade solo joystick on the way with every console adapter added. Will be useful at anime conventions, since I'll be bringing along my copy of XIII to most of them.


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Preorder now ask questions later



Oh man this is awesome news. I'm not holding my breath but I hope down the road they bring back Gai, Silber or some other characters from Buriki one.

That's their best hope for breaking into the mainstream scene in NA: Characters who look like actual FIGHTERS and warriors.

That's how MK took off so quick...everybody is ripped/stacked and is either a ninja, a soldier/mercenary or an elite martial artist.

But KOFXIII is doing alright in that regard as well....Joe/Hwa, Ryo, Takuma, Ralph, Big Bear etc. are all awesome.
And Mais tits still look good after all these years as well.

Really awesome news though, makes the end of summer a little less depressing.
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Atlus being involved with SNKP is intriguing. Kyo would look right at home in a Persona game. Anyway, I'm holding off pre-ordering KOFXIII until a month-ish before in case any retailers offer bonuses.

Edit: I just realized... US release is announced, but no release at all for JP. Far out.
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Great! Finally!

Whether I get it or not depends on what you guys say after it comes out though....

If it's good I'll actually pay full price for it.


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Definitely excited, but, I'm waiting for reviews. Not gonna plunk down $50 for a "decent" (or worse) fighting game.


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FUCK YES! I have so much more faith in Atlus than I did Ignition, or SNKP for that matter.


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I creamed a little. Just letting you guys know how excited I am.


Hmmm after mentioning collectors editions this came to mind. Drop the regular edition price to $39.99 and collectors to 59.99. Makes the regular retail price of the game for nice collectors edition.

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This was the best news from E3 so far, IMO.

Atlus is a great company when it comes to localization AND listening to the fanbase, giving them what they want.

I trust them more than almost any other publisher to deliver the version I want. A day one buy for sure.