CRT Fetish Thread


The Neo (and all retro consoles) look damn fine on a PVM via RGB.



Who else uses these?

There are various candy cab clubs doing the rounds. I think there should be a PVM club too!

Now all we need is a shit hot designer to make us all a nice banner for our sig's and it's happy days...


Those 20 inch ones are nice. My brother has one and the image is even better than my 29 inch one cause it is smaller.

He has the hospital grade one. Before they were using it to tell women the sex of their baby, now he is playing Super Mario World on it. Life comes full circle lol.


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Yep, the 20 inchers are a good all around size.

Though I do wish sometimes that I had a larger one.


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All my systems are connected to my main display which is a 36" CRT television in the living room. But I roll with a 20" PVM for those times when I want to be dazzled with crisp beautiful juicy RGB images. The quality on these is just unrivaled. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous colors and resolution.

There's just something special about playing games single player on a smaller unit all to yourself. Everything just looks better.

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I used to have a 29 inch model and the picture on it was awesome. It finally died on my though, so I only have a Commodore 1084s to satisfy my RGB fixat the moment.


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Awesome, I roll with the 29" model same as theMot.

I'd buy another IF I could find one..


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I play so many retro consoles, that the AV jacks on my Sony tv is about to fall off just from all the swapping.


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PVM20L5 here, with a relatively late build date of May 2004. Currently tate'd w/ Saturn.


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A while ago I was offered 6 PVMs from a local liquidation sale for next to nothing, still regret not taking that deal. I was hesitant because I had to take all 6 and collect them the same day, and I don't have a car.

The pictures don't do them justice, they are great sharp monitors!


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I got 3 of them. A 25", 20" and a 13". Also got a Sony CRT from japan with a built-in J-21pin connector and some other RGB capable CRTs.

Love'm... once you go RGB CRT, it's hard to look at anything else.

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So what is different with these compared to the 21" Pure Flat Sony Trinitron that I have...?
Being in the UK all our TVs support full RGB and the picture is great.. are these alot better...?


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So what is different with these compared to the 21" Pure Flat Sony Trinitron that I have...?
Being in the UK all our TVs support full RGB and the picture is great.. are these alot better...?

Well it's a professional grade non-consumer model that when new costs a huge amount. Maybe better color accuracy, contrast, more refinements, degauss button, etc etc...
I always chuckle a bit when I'm watching a TV show or movie from the 80s/90s and the TV they're watching in the scene is actually a Sony PVM.

Maybe not night and day better, but incrementally better (depending on the year maybe) in terms of PQ. However a good model will have certain functions/buttons, etc and maybe inputs you might want that might not available on a consumer TV.

If you could source one locally for cheap, would be nice to try it out... otherwise I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg to have one shipped.

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I used to rock a Sony PVM20N2U but I gave it to andsuchisdeath when I got my Big Red

I needed the space and I've already got a dedicated TATE tv (Sony WEGA KV-27FS13)


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I'm rocking a 2130QM these days. How do you guys go with geometry adjustments when switching between consoles? If I get my Neo perfect then my SNES/SAturn is out and vice versa, wouldn't be so much of a hassle but I have to take the case off the set every time I want to change something...


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I've always drooled at these but a few years ago I came accross a Mitsubishi MegaView 37", fucking amazing quality professional grade CRT's. Hell I'd even say they're better than/on par with Nanao's