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Tech Support Moderator,
Did you guys change your email address? I’ve also tried a PM here that has got not response either...



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I think TO is pretty much ignoring email right now to focus on shipping out SD3 preorders since 99% of them are asking when stuff is shipping.
Are they going to stock anymore standard NeoSD at Stoneagegamer? I've been pre-ordered for a couple weeks so far with no word. Looks like I picked a bad time.


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He posted a update here a couple of days ago if you missed it.

I been flipping the capacitors all day long on the current stock boards, all the boards shipped since today will have the C60 cap flipped.
This is the first batch shipped this week, as people have not let me work on shipments until today, with emails and other stuff.
On the following weeks we are going to keep shipping until we are up to date. And i hope much more batches.

Consider this week a wasted shipping week cause the C60 cap party, so there is another more week of delays on the shipment queue cause that, sum the extra time i will have to put on disasamble units, flipping caps and assembly units again.

I have been talking with Voultar today about the RGB noise some guys are reporting on the V2 board and others are not.
I think the V2 board is OK and the source of the RGB noise those few guys are reporting is on theyr setup (the console itself, the power supply, the video cable or who knows what) BUT to be sure i am not wrong, i decided to ship a V2 board to Voultar so he can examine it and give us all a conclusion.

In the meainwhile, and until Voultar give us all a conclusion, we are not going to discus with anyone else about the RGB.

The AUDIO noise isue is a fact and we are going to work on that next week. We think we can deliver a software solution cause we think to know the source of the issue and how to fix it by software. Until we deliver a solution, you guys can keep discussing about that, but we are not going to discuss with anyone else about that again.

I see Rot has put the forum in private mode and this is the reason i am posting here, even i said i would never post again. I think its a bad decision when there is nothing to hide and you try to hide this "nothing".
To me, it looks like the whole fact of putting the forum on private mode smells like there is a reason for that, this looks fishy to my eyes. I hope he puts it back until we have our own forum up.

Our own forum is coming, but i have decided to not write on forums anymore. I need to get my life back cause terrible things happened to myself this week.
I plan to find a way to keep working in what i like and love, while protecting my health and my family. No more forums for me, i don´t have energy or time for such things.

I always wanted everyone to be happy with our products as my main goal, this goes before making money or anything else.

I decided that what i wanted to do with my life was to create devices that i want for myself and no one produces. I been doing my best with the few resources we had, among the last 18 month. Some things i did better, others i did worst but i always tried to improve what it wasn´t perfect.
I have put much more than I should, I totally abandoned my life , wife and kids for this dream. This decision has already afected the ones i love, i never thought about them before putting myself on this situation and this says a lot (BAD) about me.

If there is anything on my hand to please our customers i will sure put my energy and resources on that, but i am not going to destroy my life or damage my famility doing that anymore, this has proven to be a mistake.

This whole thing (me answering everyone at any time) has proven to damage my health and my family so i have to quit forums and discussing with people.

I will keep doing my work, imagining products, finding people that helps becoming those a reality and producing.

I just wish us all the best luck, as at the end of the day we both want the same thing : the better possible products.



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When I ordered the neosd aes from stoneage it took about a month to ship. It was well worth the wait but that's about what to expect.