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I love the game, but I do hate the
girl in the background, "YEAH!" :blow_top:
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This game is one of my all- time favourites...

Cool graphics, awesome gameplay, sometimes really hard to beat, insane level bosses, nice music and sfx...

Bonus! Bonus!:lolz:


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One of the best shooters on the Neo. I love it. 9/10. The only annoying thing is the female voice in the background.


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Certainly above yer average shmup, but there are quite a few better on the neo. (SWIII, Pulstar, Strikers, PI2)


I gave it a 10. once you start playing it, you have to finish it. BONUS


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Awesome shooter, one of my favs for the Neo.

I went with an 8 because there are several other shooters I like alot more, just on other consoles.


Jaguar Ninja
Abasuto said:
Awesome shooter, one of my favs for the Neo.

I went with an 8 because there are several other shooters I like alot more, just on other consoles.

Compared to other shooters on neo, yeah it's good. My vote was based on comparison with shooters in general, not comparison with titles on the Neo.

Compared to other shmups that came out during it's time (1998 - Radiant Silvergun, ESPRa.De, Raiden Jet Fighters) it was lacking pretty hard.


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Although I absolutely love this game, I gave it a 9 cause I have tried shooters with better gameplay, which makes me wonder what could have been better with this one with a few tweaks to the game mechanics.

But this is one of my fav Neo games period. Would love to get the AES cart someday.


Jaguar Ninja
Great game. I still like PI2 better, and I would assume a "rate it" thread for PI2 would have an 11 option, so I still gave Blazing Star a 10.


Land of the Rising Bling:,
Solid 9 out of 10 for me.

The graphics are amazing. Excellent backgrounds, bosses, cool looking attacks. I thought the game was all flash and no substance at first, but then you get into the bullet patters, finding the bonuses, perfecting the rapid fire mode (this gave me forearms of steel, this and a healthy self love habit.)

Great game, excellent art and bosses, one of the great shmups.

The only shmup I like more than this is probably Salamder 1 and 2.


Jaguar Ninja
Good game. I'd say its an 8. Nice grafx and fun for 2 players too. Its a whole lot easier then a lot of shooter games that came out at that time. If my old cart didn't give me graphic glitches I would never have sold it.

Xian Xi

djdelly said:
Love blazing star.. I like better then Pulstar and way better then PI2. I gave it a 9

I dunno I just got a pulstar and I actually like it better than blazing star for some reason.