Blazing Star just came out on iTunes for iPhone and iPad


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Fuck apple and their stilish but programmed-to-die-after-warranty machines.

What pleasure can give to play a real game like those in a touchscreen?

Nothing beats the real deal.


3t3rn@l n00b,
probably looks really good on that screen, i have fast striker, and I love how it looks on there, but touchscreen is not my ideal input method for shmups.


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Ship moves way too slow for a touch based game.

Other than that, it's great.

Wataru330 surprised me last night by gifting me the app.


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How does the game work, considering Blazing Star's main mechanic is rapid tapping the shot button as fast as you can?


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Is this the first time that Blazing Star got an official port, other than the original version on the neo?


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I only have an iPhone, ATM.

@TonK- did you install this to your pad, or phone?

Anyone play this w/ iCade yet?


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If only they had a way to play neo games on my phone utilizing my accelerometer and/or touch screen....



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If only they had a way to play neo games on my phone utilizing my accelerometer and/or touch screen....


You are talking Crazy. There is no such Tilt fnxnality in iDevices. 0_o

I'm still waiting for an iPhone rev w/ all the touch capabilities of the 4/4S + an Xperia PLAY-esqe slider panel w/ dpad, anubs, & buttons.

You play iBlazing Star yet? ;^)


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This must be really great on the ICade! Was this released everywhere or just the US? How much ist it?


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Released in Canada too, $3 right now. sweet port however the touch functionality isn't as snap-a-doo compared to Cave's fare.

Still a sweet buy,
+1 for Bluetooth multiplayer support


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I bought it. Pro - it's inexpensive & convenient - fun way to kill some time on your phone if you're waiting somewhere... just like MS3 on the iPhone. Con - the control via touchscreen is not as responsive as I would like

Tung Fu ru

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Just got a new phone yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S3.... So now that I have a better phone, I can actually think about getting some cooler games.

Anyways, so is this game even worth getting? It sounds like people really don't like the controls, or is that something you can get used to? How about that King of Fighters i game? Just got Baseball Superstars 2012 last night, seems cool, different than BS2. I'd buy Magical Drop definitely if I knew if the full version fit my full screen.