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    Roger Ebert Dead at 70

    My jaw dropped when I heard the news. Rest in peace, Roger. :(
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    EA Up For Sale! What Does This Mean For Gamers? obligatory! :lolz: -iZW909WuB4&feature=player_embedded
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    Issues with my Metal Slug 3 MVS Cartridge!

    The MVS cart starts OK, but I encountered some strange events in the game (player 2 start on it's own, can't shoot my gun, can't start the game immediately) So I tried cleaning the cart with a Q-tip/Windex combination but didn't work, then I tried cleaning the cart's lenses with the eraser...
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    "Speed of light is masculine?" That what some feminists actually believes! :lol:
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    Capcom JOJO's Bizarre Adventure coming to XBLA?! (PSN too probably!)

    Great news! While I already have the game on the Dreamcast, I would absolutely love it if the game get the HD treatment on a modern console!
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    PLEASE READ: Thomas A. Smallwood of Ricart Nissan, Columbus OH Threatened Me.

    Sorry guys, but I have a different opinion on this subject. I wish I can join this bandwagon with the rest of the guys and say "fuck this faggot Smallwood! LOL LIBEL AM I COOL YET GUYS? JAILRAPE LOL!" Obviously you guys harassed and trolled this guy far too long and drove him into madness...
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    Adol selling his collection? [million dollar, 22-set eBay auction] -- COMBINED THREAD(S)

    BUY THE BIGGEST GAME COLLECTION OF FULLSETS ,FACTORY SEALED! For one million dollars!!!! One word: Daaaaaaaaaamn! :eek:
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    The best looking Neo Geo Posters to have

    I'm not a collector, so I don' care if the posters are original or not, but I'm interested in any posters that have any artwork by Shinkiro! :drool_2: Any good posters you recommend?
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    I'm a tit-grabbing slut who loves to hug blow-up dolls

    Apparently I'm a slimy sex god who loves to poke crotches? So basically I'm like a Japanese Hentai Tentacle Monster?! :scratch:
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    Happy Birthday lithy

    Have a good one! :)
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    What! Employers ask for Facebook passwords?

    It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating college, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job. But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. In fact, if you’re reasonably intelligent, getting a job is one of...
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    Beating People Up is Not a Crime…

    This is not an anti-semitic remark by any chance, I don't hate Jewish people in particular but my resentment for Israel is purely humanitarian, the mere existence of such a racist and corrupted entity in the heart of the middle-east is a damn shame on all humanity, and the suffering of the...
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    What do you Love? I typed "sluts", but instead I got kittens! :kekeke:
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    Wizard Tilting Lible: The Last Odyssey for Last Odysseys

    Last post in a Legendary thread! ;)