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    Metal Slug 1 & 2 Developer Interviews

    nice one thanks for sharing it :buttrock:
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    The first time you heard/found out a system called Neo Geo existed

    I can't believe I was the only one who reacted like this
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    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Hannibal: awesome sociopath situations, lots of suspense, drama and creepy murders Vikings: great battles, interesting characters, less drama and backstabbing than game of thrones Better Call Saul: Louie: he does awesome stand up bits inside the episodes and they are extremely funny
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    What was your favorite movie as a kid that wasn't a kid's movie?

    6 years old -> mother effin' JAWS
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    New Neogeo Wireless Joystick Controller

    very nice project dude, keep it up top notch work you got right there.
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    SNK corporate video

    pure awesomeness, this just made my week kudos to the one who found it.
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    Poll: Have you bought any Neo stuff from Japan in the last 3 years?

    wait... was argentina also affected? I need to get rid of my carts asap however, on the other hand... SUPERPOWERS!
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    Possible to fit an Aero inside an Astro?

    I have an aero that has a lot of cleaning, repainting and rust removing work to be done. Last week I heard someone was selling empty astro city cabs for $60 and I was wondering how difficult it might be to have everything moved to the new cab. Has anyone ever done this?:help:
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    mod please delete

    sorry this was meant for "tech support"
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    Swearing in the intro of KOF 98?

    :lolz: that's just amazing easter egg trolling right there
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    anduve hace unos meses por santiago reventando las tarjetas, pense que iba a encontrar algun lugar copado con cosas retro pero no tuve suerte :confused:
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    Steam Autumn Sale Nov 27- Dec 3

    I sent you a request seth (hieix666) , I just got the game gifted from a friend, it surely looks like the old Gauntlet from NES, it has potential. I'm thinking about getting 10 or 15 games this time around, it surely is a good moment to grab as many as you can. * Wanderlust: Rebirth (cheap...
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    hey maury yo quiero practicar japones, entre los dos podemos practicar cada uno lo que quiere jeje
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    What arcade stick do you own?

    I just crossed over to Chile and got myself this along with a ps3, I'm enjoying KOFXIII in a whole new level
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    KOF 97 and KOF XIII