FT/FS:Pokemon Platinum & SoulSilver, DBZ2 SF


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Jun 28, 2010
So I have the following items and I need to trade them for other stuff and if its impossible then cash :(
(I can't receive "gift" paypal payments, so all prices need to have the %4 fee added to them)

DBZ 2: Butouden Super Famicom - box and blister, no manual - $15
Pokemon "Platinum" DS (JAP) - complete - $25
Pokemon "SoulSilver" DS (German) - complete with pokewalker - $25

Looking to trade for something of this (ordered by level of interest)

CPS2 (working - non boots): Alien vs predator, Armored warriors, Dungeons and dragons: Shadow over mystara
AES (complete - gamer condition): nam1975,
MVS (non boots - no kits, just carts, gamer condition ok): Garou mark of the wolves, Ninja Masters

Of course most items in my wanted list are more expensive than what I offer to trade for, I would add the difference of cash, of course.

Shipping within American continent 30usd, europe 30-35usd and asia 35usd (for a package below 1kg)
I can't ship a package above 2kg because of all the time and paperwork investment it takes, so packages need to be below that (2kg).
If the shipping charges happen to be lower I'll refund the difference.

I'd preffer trading than selling actually...
So just send me a PM if you want detailed pictures but take into consideration I might take a couple of days to reply.

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