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    Cyvern - Battery Issue?

    I'm borrowing a Japanese Cyvern PCB and am getting a garbage screen shortly after startup that says, "Clock Adjust" at the top and "Exit: Press 1P & 2P Start" at the bottom. I have a 1L6B, so I wired in a second start button and it boots and plays fine after that--except TEST & SERVICE don't...
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    Samurai Shodown 4 (IV) MVS Kit

    So $380 if they match? :mr_t:
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    DZ begins a new collection

    Mazinger & Doom II, that's one awesome room DZ! :dragb:
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    Please add this to "additional.css" in Style Manager

    .forumsearch.popupmenu .popupbody input.searchbox { color:#000000; } .searchthread.popupmenu .popupbody input.searchbox { color:#000000; } Will fix the invisible text in the popup search boxes :dragb:
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    Pochi & Nyaa Kit

    Bump'd. Still available. Mom's love puzzle games. Show her how you care with a Pochi & Nyaa kit :vik:
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    Pochi & Nyaa Kit

    Thought I'd try this one again :downb: Pochi & Nyaa Full Kit. Also includes: shockbox, flyer, and folded poster. $225 shipped FedEx Next-Day Thanks for looking :360:
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    Tetris appreciation thread.

    There's a few modes you have to play while connected to live. Tetris Road & Promotional Exams give you a set of challenges you have to complete in a time limit. Like you're start off in BIG Mode and do 15 lines, then it'll make the pieces normal sized again and you'll have to do 5 Tetrises...
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    Tetris appreciation thread.

    Just discovered Tetris Road and all the Promotional Exams in TGM Ace, this game has a lot going on :vik:
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    Tetris appreciation thread.

    Dragon Bump :dragb: Just picked up TGM Ace and finished all the single player modes in 2-3 days worth of casual playing. Basically amounts to 3 Speeds & BIG Mode and they all cap at 150 lines. Gameplay itself is pretty decent once you manage to navigate the menus and change the controls to use...
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    Tetris appreciation thread.

    Been rocking TGM2+ in the cab for the past 6 months, good stuff :buttrock: Maybe the best site I've found if you're interested in good technique:
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    FS: Japanese Neo candy cab - 56ker beware

    Buy this guy's cab! Hulk Bump :downb::up:
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    FS: 360 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow $35

    Not sure if you need the cash, but Amazon is giving $40 credit for this right now :dragb:
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    WTB: Asura Buster, Astyanax, + other jamma/atomiswave

    This list needs more Pit Fighter, good luck with the search :upf:
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    Arcade/Console Gaming Music. Forgotten and Remembered..

    GGX - Blue Water Blue Sky ::