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    Turboexpress LCD mod

    Dick pics incoming
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    NBA playoffs

    Its funny how the Spurs defenders hold their hands up when they guard Harden.
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    NBA playoffs

    NHL playoffs > NBA playoffs
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    ESPN layoffs (2017 Edition)

    I heard somewhere that ESPN paid 6 billion for the NBA.
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    ESPN layoffs (2017 Edition)

    Having listen to Skip Bayless on local radio before he became as "big" as he is now, I can tell you that he does not really believe what he says, he just says it to get attention. Clarkson on the other hand, as far as I know, he tells it how he sees it.
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    Voting is up for DarkSofts Neo Geo Multi Cart Design.

    looked like a nice flash-cart to me.
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    161-in-1 Game Breakdown

    Same here. will his flashcart finally make prices on AES go down?, I dont think the Neosd was able to do that.
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    ESPN layoffs (2017 Edition)

    how can anyone stand to watch and listen to Skip Bayless??? Even people here in Oklahoma hate his guts.
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    ESPN layoffs (2017 Edition)

    her nose has a contract until 2020
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    ESPN layoffs (2017 Edition)

    The worldwide leader is cutting people left and right for the last couple of days. From what I've read there's still quite a bit more to follow. I don't think I ever watch ESPN any more unless there's a college football game on.
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    2017 NFL Draft

    I really like the chiefs trading up for Pat Mahomes, this guy is super talented, plays hard every game and is very athletic, great arm also, some of the throws we saw him make were insane.
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    Titanfall 2

    I really love this game, most fun FPS I've played since Counter-Strike 1.0, Quake 3 Arena back in the day. Here's a quick attrition match against a very poor team.