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  1. Chihiro display issues
  2. .
  3. Retro Systems with High Def Outputs.
  4. Wii U keeps turning on after I turn it off
  5. Nanao MS-2933-SW capacitor list
  6. Chihiro Type 3 netboot issue
  7. Sega Naomi 5V pinout on PCB
  8. SNES cart repair
  9. Replacing Sony BVM with Makvision Tri-Mode?
  10. M68000 CPU halt on power up
  11. Sega nomad screen replacement mod?
  12. Anyone here able to edit some game code?
  13. Some CPS2 B Board Problems
  14. Sega Game Gear Capacitor Replacement Kit
  15. Konami PCB's audio circuit
  16. XRGB mini question/s and your console set up?
  17. Sega ST-V Board Missing Right Channel Audio
  18. Replacing batteries in SNES carts
  19. What's the white strip on a Double Dragon PCB
  20. Saturn S-video cable
  21. SEGA Genesis video problems
  22. Changing the PSU in an EGRET II
  23. namco 256 problem
  24. Add scart old tv
  25. substitute caps
  26. RGB to VGA converters
  27. Jamma Cable
  28. Help fixing CPS2 boards.
  29. Sony PVM-2053MD
  30. Blast city with atomiswave button issues
  32. Desoldering gun
  33. SMD removal , carnage beneath, options?
  34. PSX to JAMMA Laugh Converters
  35. Need guidance figuring out which batteries to use.
  36. Someone with 2-1 multijamma board ??? i need help,doesnt switch between PCBs board...
  37. JVS Arcade Cabinet to Jamma
  38. Famicom Disk System Overheating
  39. Atomiswave dead
  40. Drilling out old Sega Astro Locks
  41. i cant get my typex2 setup to work
  42. Looking for a single JST YLP-03v and YLR-03v connector.
  43. Slim Arcade Stick Enclosure for NES
  44. please delete. posted in wrong forum.
  45. Double Dragon PCB: anyone here able to repair it for me?
  46. Geometry Sony PVM-2053MD
  47. Good ESR meter?
  48. ESPGALUDA Battery Replacement (PGM single game boards)
  49. Naomi - Remove and leave the leaking supercap off?
  50. How to boot games in a region modded Saturn.
  51. Un squadron pcb help Now with Pics
  52. CPS2 black screen without sound
  53. Namco cp i/o led i/o pcb
  54. lcd and the naomi
  55. Help with final details to a supergun
  56. Mistu's... CPS2 Multikit Tech Support page... Drama fr33 pls..
  57. What part of an Atomiswave cab is this?
  58. Cyber Lead Questions! (molex size)
  59. Taito Type X Question
  60. Proper way to burn Saturn games on Chipped console?
  61. Looking to resurrect dead consoles
  62. Good Nes Genesis model 1 replacement after market power supplies
  63. Using the Logitech F310 pad with GENS emulator
  64. left channel audio interference from naomi?
  65. Coin mechanism not working anymore
  66. Namco System 11 PCB - graphic problem/bleached picture (Star Sweep)
  67. Saturn will freeze/not load games
  68. Vendetta Uncensored
  69. Sonic CD crashes when running on 1 Genesis but not others
  70. arcade popping noise when i turn it off
  71. Dremeling Ports in 2-slot: Possible?
  72. .
  73. CPS mobo differences & King of Dragons broken patches
  74. PC Engine RGB query/issue
  75. Harness help
  76. Where to find quality male to male SCART cables in NA?!
  77. Overheating PS3
  78. In the Hunt PCB - Weird jumper wires
  79. [SOLVED] XRGB Mini problem with PAL-M Mega Drive (on composite video and RGB).
  80. PSone Video Issues
  81. Korean Joystick Hole Size
  82. SC200 Power Supply: Help Request
  83. Taito Type X2 make new dongle or run without
  84. PS3 HRAP on PS4
  85. [sorted out] This jamma snes is grinding my gears....
  86. Taito Type X2 setup help needed
  87. Atari 2600 AV Mod
  88. Madcatz quick disconnect terminal bank
  89. CPS-2 A Board Capacitor List?
  90. Lattice Mach M4LV-192/96 Reader
  91. GBA SP repair?
  92. Cleaning CPS2 B-Board PCBs
  93. Xrgb mini
  94. Need a good component to scart transcoder
  95. Genesis Model 1 VA-7 JP / US region mod
  96. Golden Axe RoDA Sync Issue - Sega System 32 - Repairs?
  97. What is this? Crayon Controller with db9 connector
  98. Image Anyplace ai-100 processor (has 90 degree rotation to make your display tate
  99. Sega astro city cab joystick gates
  100. SNES Mini Rgb mod
  101. Naomi net dimm "not net compliant"
  102. Switched from Amd to Intel. Nightmare (Solved)
  103. Newbie to Supergun Scart RGB could use some advice (US based)
  104. Recommended soldering iron.
  105. Factory Default Framemeister
  106. PC Engine Coregrafx LED power light mod
  107. Strikers 1945 II PCB
  108. Ultimate MK3 pcb - bad PIC chip
  109. Playing JAMMA Games Naomi
  110. M51516L equivalent?
  111. Super Gameboy (SNES adapter) problem
  112. Random Interlaced picture quality on Namco System 10 boards?
  113. Atari Lynx external controller mod
  114. Dreamcast imports problem
  115. SCART to Component (RGB to YPbPr) Converter Confusion
  116. White PC Engine missing cap ?
  117. Naomi Sega I/O "Rev B" 838-13683-93 6th button issue
  118. Noob question- have I messed up the psu in my aero city somehow?
  119. Undamned's USB Decoders
  120. CPS3 Potentiometer
  121. Supergun Builders
  122. Capcom CPS3
  123. Atomiswave color issue
  124. Help with consolizing Atomiswave
  125. psx controller that seems rare-what do you think?
  126. N64 reset button not working
  127. Blast City, no video
  128. WG Monitor - What is this stuff?
  129. I designed a very small fight stick
  130. SNES Graphical Glitches
  131. Tg16 cd docking station question.
  132. This Vampire didn't resurrected
  133. CPS2 Q-Sound freeze?
  134. Female panel mount scart connector wiring write up (pics)
  135. Namco System 256 tekken 5.1 Rebooting
  136. Midway MK2 board video (workaround found!!)
  137. Where to Buy Component Jacks
  138. I bought a broken TurboExpress and it's worse than I thought....
  139. Sega Naomi Power Supply (Power Cable)
  140. Sega CDX Help
  141. Taito X2 issue
  142. Weird issue I'm having in my Room
  143. Candy cab question
  144. Weird audio issue between Sony LED and Klipsch Soundbar
  145. CPS2 boot loop
  146. I get no sound on my Golden Axe PCB
  147. Sega STV Caps?
  148. Arabian Magic woes.
  149. Marquee tape residue removal
  150. PS3 Won't stay on
  151. New Astro City PSU won't stay on...
  152. General power questions with Japanese consoles in the USA
  153. burning turbo duo games
  154. Konami Lethal Enforcers JAMMA PCB
  155. Sega Naomi Zero Gunner 2 Cart IC7 - IC8 BAD
  156. Hakko 808/FR-300
  157. What mods are there for a CDX and an Xeye?
  158. The possibility of Adding games to an Arcade legends 2 or 3 cabinet. with pictures of the.
  159. Nfl Blitz 2000 in a neo geo
  160. NAC PSU weak voltage...
  161. Cap Kits n' Stuff
  162. CPS2 - Important information to anyone using the hardware.
  163. Second video output cps2
  164. How do you open import Mega Drive games?
  165. 4 pin connector identification help
  166. Mortal Komabt 2 with bad sound
  167. MVC2 naomi netboot altered rom?
  168. Are all UN Squadron PCBs "repaired" from the factory?
  169. WWF Wrestlefest PCB Resetting...
  170. Strikers 1945 pcb: image randomly flips over
  171. Xbox 360 (Slim, Trinity) - Reset Glitch Hack.
  172. EDIT: Now my PicoPSU wont give any voltage under load
  173. CPS1 Graphic faults / glitches
  174. supergun pvm help
  175. Looking for Translators - Japanese
  176. SNES Power Jack Alternatives.
  177. Famicom to NES Game Converter Problems
  178. Naomi Giga Wing 2 not booting, ROM board test shows nothing
  179. Exception Error Handling on Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha CPS2
  180. PSU voltage concern / when can damage occur?
  181. Anyone familiar with this ps2/dc pcb?
  182. delete :)
  183. Question for Framemeister users
  184. Atomiswave sound issue
  185. Sega Saturn questions
  186. Black Hyper Street Fighter all in one battery replacment.
  187. Sega Genesis cart playing music too slowly
  188. Final Fight CPS1 missing 4Mbit mask rom...
  189. Street Fighter Dynamo Z-back Cab Power Supply
  190. Naomicf / Chihiro experimentation. Error: Cannot Write File
  191. N64 self-destruction?
  192. TV made weird noise, screen went black, but working now?
  193. Naomi to Jamma sound amp options?
  194. Can you play light gun games and old cart monitors via a super gun and jrok?
  195. Make headphones louder in windows 10
  196. NBA Jam related question
  197. coin up led being weird
  198. Is it a good idea to...............
  199. Nvm I got it
  200. Atomiswave silent fan replacement
  201. King of Dragons CPS1 issues
  202. Jvc X'eye repair
  203. General info sources for PCB repair and troubleshooting?
  204. Adventures in fixing an outtrigger panel.
  205. OG xbox plz halp!
  206. Strange Killer Instict Sound Problem + weird lag
  207. How to connect my Dreamcast to HDMI
  208. Help Verifying Heavy Metal Geomatrix NAOMI version
  209. Quick question for anyone with an Astro City
  210. Changing glass on a candy cab: anything I need to know?
  211. Anyone have wiring diagrams for Outtrigger and VOOT v5.66?
  212. Brezzasoft Crystal System Manual / Info?
  213. FIXED: PC Engine CD-ROM Middle Gear issue
  214. TurboGrafx Express - Speaker size/replacement?
  215. DIY Headphones harness
  216. Asteroids v2000 deflection board issue.
  217. Sega Saturn HSS 0130 to USB
  218. Atomiswave Set Mother Board
  219. Xbox 360 won't online update
  220. Seibu SPI monitor orientation
  221. AES component modded shadow issue.
  222. Neo Geo MVS Controllers
  223. Can A USA model 1 Genesis be modded to play PAL games at 60HZ?
  224. SCART to HDMI/Component converters?
  225. Game Gear black screen with white lines
  226. Turbo-Grafx 16 won't power on after S-video mod attempt
  227. Sudden Graphical Glitches on my Final Fight PCB
  228. Building a Multicade, would like some opinions
  229. Xbox one in a jvs cab?
  230. Master System questions
  231. FF: MOTW Dreamcast boot issue
  232. RGB scart for Neo AES/CD
  233. 8BIT MUSIC POWER: Shitty Soldering
  234. any Raspberry pi emulation users? I need some tips
  235. bandridge manual scart switch - SVID issues?
  236. Is it possible to change the built-in game on Sega Master Systems?
  237. OpenITG 2 Not Displaying Step Charts
  238. Street Fighter 2 CE Bootleg fix
  239. Cps1 motherboard with graphic glitches!
  240. WrestleFest horizontal bars
  241. Sega Saturn jp, saves games, but not date/time
  242. Sega Naomi transfer software and zero key hex
  243. CPS1 A board time
  244. CPS2 A-board powering on infrequently
  245. What causes black screen during FMV?
  246. Igs pgm consolizing
  247. Help understanding chip labels (Vcc, rs0, rs1, REF) etc for RGB/Component mod
  248. PGM IGS Errors/Missing Sprites/Beestorm
  249. Need help from anyone who owns an Elgato Game Capture HD AND the analog video adapter...
  250. Alien Syndrome cabinet not getting past title screen