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Template:CharacterInfoboxYuki (ユウキ, Yūki) is an original character that was first introduced in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.


Yuki and Ai are agents of the Federative Government of New Japan, in the NEOGEO World. WAREZ has been planning to conquer the NEOGEO World and Yuki volunteered to investigate. Ai was announced as his backup and he got frustrated with this, because he thought he would have to protect her. They entered the Battle Coliseum, eventually defeating Goodman and stopping WAREZ.


Yuki is something of a pseudo-hero. He thinks high of himself, but his personality is kinda goofy sometimes. He thinks he is the best mechanical fighter in NEOGEO World. His mannerisms are very standard superhero antics.


  • Energy Projection - Yuki can project energy in many ways. Some of them include projecting the old logos for the Neo Geo system.
  • Energy Attacks - His watches release energy every time he delivers a punch.
  • Lightning - Yuki can summon a lightning from the sky.
  • Cybernetic Transformation - Yuki can transform into these characters from the Neo-Geo system.
    • Duke Edwards - In order to perform the classic version of his Submarine Screw move.
    • Atomic Guy - Only with the aid of Ai. He transforms into a miniature version of the Ultraman-like giant.

Fighting Style

He definitely has more martial skill than Ai, but still, he depends on his mechanical powers too much. He uses several energy based attacks.

Like Ai, many of his attacks are references to many Neo Geo-based titles. He is also one of the few characters to have an air dash via his Riding Hero move. Unlike Ai however, Yuki also uses alternate variations of moves used from other characters, and references via title drop in only a few of his attacks.

Overall, Yuki gameplay-wise while he is a bit slow and awkward to use, has a unique mechanic via his Memory Card Slash, a move where he slashes a "memory card" along one of his watches to power-up specific special moves of his a few levels for a single usage (or before 10 seconds past) before needing to do so again, allowing him some powerful utility that's dependent on the said Memory Card Slash. Said move is also a clear reference to arcade machines that have card readers.

His moves are a reference to Beast Buster, Burning Fight, Mutation Nation, Riding Hero and Sengoku. Meanwhile, all of his DM's are references to the classic arcade boards developed by SNK.

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances

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  • His Japanese winquotes "Catch your pocket" and "I'm not boy" are old catchphrases for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
  • The second part of his fighting style can also be read as Shin Nihon Kikaku.


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