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Duke Edwards is the protagonist of Burning Fight. He also appeared in The King of Fighters 2000 as Ramon's another striker. He is voiced by Eiji Takemoto.

Nationality America
Age 27 Years of
Birth July 27, 1964
Constellation Leo
Blood Type: A
Hobbies Drive
Favorite Color Blue
Height 186 cm
Weight 79 kg
Chest 92 cm

In Metro City, it is feared by people in the back world under the name of "Mad Duke". In the olden days, it seemed to be an untouchable wal, and his strength is due to his natural boxing sense and countless street battles. The New York Police Department is updating the largest number of dispositions.


Duke was formerly a vicious punk who terrorized Metro City as "Mad Duke". He eventually decided to work for the good of the city and became a NYPD detective along with his friend Billy King. They were investigating on the Yakuza (a Japanese crime syndicate), when they became their targets. They were joined by Ryu Saeba, a martial arts master and decided to fight the Yakuza.


He likes to live his life without worries and he loves to fight. He is regretful of his past actions and is still mailing apologetic letters for the victims of his "Mad" days.

Game Appearances

Burning Fight

The King of Fighters 2000