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Template:CharacterInfoboxTarma Roving (ターマ・ロビング) is a character from the Metal Slug series of shoot'em up games. During the character select screen in the newest Metal Slug pachislot, he is given the logo "Wild T.R. Motorcycle" with a caricature of himself riding a motorcycle. His nickname in the same game is "Mister nice buddy".

He is voiced by Dan McComas.


Tarma, whose father was a decorated soldier, immediately entered the Officers Academy of Special Tactics and Battle upon his graduation from junior high. He was assigned to PF Squad after rescuing the President when at the age of twenty. Here he met and befriended his best friend, Marco. In the Great War, he found out Marco was selected for the counter offensive against Morden and volunteered for the operation.

He fought alongside Marco through until the end of this fearsome battle, rising through the ranks with Marco to reach Captain. Taking part in the suppression of the second coup, he saved Marco's bacon and made a name for himself. Second Mission completed, Tarma, following Marco's lead, chose to resign his commission, and similarly stayed on with his compadre after Marco "reconsidered" his resignation. In private, the tightly wound Marco frequently lets loose, but as a warrior, he receives the highest respect.

Tarma's hobby is customizing motorcycles, at which he outshines the best of them. After First Mission against the dreaded Morden, he planned to go into the bike business, but put his plans on hold after suffering the desperate pleas of his spineless boss.

He was assigned to another mission during Metal Slug 4, making it one of his few absences as a playable character in the series.


He's a good pal to Marco and the second-in-command. He's always up for a good fight when he thinks it's necessary. He balances out Marco's rowdy behavior with a cooler and slightly sarcastic attitude.

Fighting Style

Like Marco, he's trained as an experienced sharp-shooter. He later specializes in machinery and can fix Slugs and other vehicles with relative ease.

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

  • Metal Slug Defense
  • Metal Slug Attack

Cameo Appearances

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