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Template:GameInfoboxMetal Slug 5 (メタルスラッグ 5, Metaru Suragu Faibu) is a run-and-gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform created by SNK Playmore. It was released in 2003 for the MVS arcade platform and is the fifth game in the Metal Slug series. The game was developed by Noise Factory/SNK Playmore, after Korean company Mega Enterprise had directed Metal Slug 4.

The biggest difference from previous titles is the addition of the slide move, which allows the player to evade and maneuver in a new fashion. Unlike its predecessor, which reused many of the backgrounds from the previous games, Metal Slug 5 incorporates a wealth of new environments and backgrounds, and features a more Heavy Metal influenced soundtrack. It was later ported to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 along with Metal Slug 4 as a compilation. It was also ported to PC, specifically for a Korean release.


The laboratory developing the next generation of METAL SLUGs comes under attack and a data disk containing METAL SLUG secrets is seized.

Marco and Tarma are ordered to retrieve the disc and rush to track it down. Meanwhile, Eri and Fio, who are investigating the paramilitary organization Ptolemaic Army that is raiding historical ruins, succeed in tracking it down at an ancient ruin known as the "Corridor of Fire." They storm the site and attempt to overtake them, but they are repulsed by the natives and giant METAL SLUGs. This incident makes it clear that the enemy behind the pilfering of METAL SLUG secrets is the Ptolemaic Army.

The Government Forces decide to carry out a second assault on the "Corridor of Flame" using an elite force of PF Squad and S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. members to retrieve the secrets and destroy the paramilitary organization!!

A special disc that contains deep and intricate secrets about the Metal Slug project is stolen by a mysterious group called the Ptolemaic Army, whose specialty lies from within archaeological excavation and espionage. Marco and Tarma of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force follow in hot pursuit against the group and in the process are joined by Eri and Fio of SPARROWS. Together once more, the quartet investigate the shrouded objective of the Ptolemaic Army.


The Ptolemaic Infantry acts like Rebel Infantry from the older Metal Slug games. Their Members are mostly masked bandit-like terrorists, but are also (ironically) counter-terrorist-esque soldiers. They have access to far more advanced Weaponary like Mechas, Jets and firearms<ref>[1]</ref><ref>[2]</ref>. as opposed to the rather strange arsenal of the Rebel Army. The name Ptolemaic is based from an ancient empire.

Differences from previous games

  • The player may now perform a slide-dash.
  • "Fat mode" is the only remaining modifier, for there are no zombies, mummies, aliens or other such supernatural creatures, although the final boss is a large demon.
  • Morden's infantry, Morden himself and Allen O'Neil are nowhere to be found in this game; rather, one fights armies of veiled terrorists, special forces, and assorted mecha. As a result, this game lacks much of the sense of humor of its predecessors. However, most of the new enemies are mostly edits of Rebel soldier sprites.
  • With the exception of the first and third levels, the game does not have branching paths.
  • The flamethrower has been omitted.
  • The medal system from Metal Slug 4 has been abandoned.
  • Playable characters Trevor and Nadia have been omitted in favor of Eri and Tarma from Metal Slug 3.
  • There are cutscenes at various points throughout the game, rather than one or two at the end, giving the game a hint of progression of plot.
  • A remixed version of "Final Attack" is played whilst facing the final boss.

New vehicles and Slugs

Only three new vehicles were added, though the Metal Slug, Sub Slug and Slug Flyer make a return.

  • The first new vehicle, the Slug Gunner, is the ultimate evolution of the Metal Slug and Level Armor. The Gunner fires a machine gun, a chassis-mounted cannon, and can punch enemies with a close-combat exploding metal spike "cannon". The Gunner can perform a mid-air jump like that of the Level Armor. The Gunner can transform from a walker into a tank, and can move slightly faster in addition to running over infantry. However, the gunner is slow, takes a while to turn, and only has a 180-degree firing arc (360-degree while in the air).
  • The second new vehicle is the Car Slug or the TIAF 660. This is a car with a 360-degree vulcan cannon attached. Its secondary fire is an oversized Enemy Chaser. Of particular interest is that the player cannot eject from the vehicle, meaning they die when its destroyed, and will subsequently respawn in a new Car Slug.
  • The Spider Slug is a giant squid-like walker with two legs tethered to the floor and to the ceiling; jumping raises or lowers the cockpit. The Spider Slug is armed with 360-degree firing vulcan cannons, and a harpoon gun.


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