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Template:CharacterInfoboxSylvie Paula Paula (シルヴィ・ポーラ・ポーラ) is a new character in The King of Fighters XIV. Her official nickname is The Late Blooming Blitz Eyeie.

She is voiced by Mio.


One of the last remnants of NESTS, Sylvie was considered useless by the secret society until the day she demonstrated her electromagnetic powers. After the cartel's collapse, she was scouted by future employer Antonov during an underground fighting event and was later hired along with Mian and Kukri as part of his Official Invitation Team.


Sylvie is a cheerful and innocent, yet strange and childlike individual. It has been suggested that her personality has been affected as a result of her powers or the experiments performed on her to bring about said abilities. She considers the objects she wears and a voice inside her head as her "friends". She can take matters seriously and is trying to overcome her past trauma. She fears her former NESTS seniors like Angel, afraid of being called "useless" or "junk", and feels a certain kinship with fellow NESTS experiment Kula.


  • Electrokinesis - Sylvie can control electricity.
    • Levitation - Using her electrokinesis, Sylvie can propel herself across the ground and into the air.


  • Musical Instruments - To a certain degree, she can play virtually every musical instruments in existence, particularly with the piano.

Fighting Style

Sylvie's fighting style is heavily centered around electrical manipulation mixed with her own odd improvised form of martial arts.


  • Venator Ballare - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Venator Ballare ~SNK Heroines SYLVIE Edit~ - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

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  • She is the second character from the KOF franchise to have more than one last name, the first one being Wolfgang Krauser, whose full name is Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim.
  • Her appearance, name and mannerisms are an homage to Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
  • Her outfit resembles the Diablada from a Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean celebration named Fiesta de La Tirana.

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