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Template:CharacterInfoboxMian (ミアン; Hánzi: 美杏; Pinyin: Měixìng) is a new character in The King of Fighters XIV. Her official nickname is The Mesmerizing Masquerade.

She is voiced by AYUKA.


In some past, one of Mian's family members got hospitalized, leading to not only become a Sichuan opera dancer, but also fighter to earn money for their hospital bills in her double lives. She is joined by Sylvie in underground tournaments, until they are approached and invited by their contractor, Antonov for his KOF tournament, where they are enlisted by him to be partners of Kukri.


Despite her high dancing skills, Mian is an extremely shy person, and doesn't drop her mask often, except for rare instances where she displays self-confidence. Sometimes, she can be a little greedy when it comes to her contract for money and one of her own desires. Her reason to obtain money greedily quickly is revealed in Heroines for the sake of the hospital bill for one of her ill family members.



Fighting Style

Mian's fighting style is a hybrid of martial arts and Sichuanese opera.


  • Venator Ballare - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Venator Ballare ~SNK Heroines Mian Edit~ - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

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  • Her name maybe a resemblance to the Chinese Poetry character, Hua Mulan. This can be seen as she hides her face to not show her identity, with her costume being stereotypical as only male in the past Chinese era are shown to be with mask-changing skills.


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