SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

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Template:GameInfoboxSNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 is a video game compilation published by SNK Playmore which includes sixteen of their earlier Neo Geo games.

The compilation was released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the Wii. Several of the included games have been previously individually released via the Wii Virtual Console. Loading issues have been addressed for the Wii disc release.

Between the three versions, the Wii version is considered the definitive one. The PS2 and PSP versions had considerable amounts of slowdown (especially with Shock Troopers on the PSP), compared to the slowdown-free Wii version. The Wii version also supported 480p and 4 different control schemes.

Each game also comes with 8 challenges that when completed award the player with a Medal, getting Medals unlocks Concept Art, Music, Movelists and the final game of the compilation, World Heroes.

Games Included

  1. Art of Fighting, released in 1992
  2. Baseball Stars 2, released in 1992
  3. Burning Fight, released in 1991
  4. Fatal Fury, released in 1991
  5. The King of Fighters '94, released in 1994
  6. King of the Monsters, released in 1991
  7. Last Resort, released in 1992
  8. Magician Lord, released in 1990
  9. Metal Slug, released in 1996
  10. Neo Turf Masters, released in 1996
  11. Samurai Shodown, released in 1993
  12. Sengoku, released in 1991
  13. Shock Troopers, released in 1997
  14. Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory, released in 1995
  15. Top Hunter, released in 1994
  16. World Heroes, released in 1992 (Unlockable after obtaining 10 medals).

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