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Meeting with Hion for the first time.

Reppu no Hion (烈風の飛音, Reppū no Hion) is a character introduced in Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden as the mandatory party character in the second chapter of the game.

Like Reon, she is voiced by Urara Takano.


When the protagonist is momentarily knocked into two hundred years into the past, they meet Hion, who suspects they are a monster due to their spontaneous appearance. Once Bizuki breaks their scuffle, Hion befriends her unlikely comrade summoned from the future. She reveals herself to be a long-time friend of Bizuki (most likely doubles as her servant) and Haon once the group saves a village from two demons. Bizuki and her are on a journey to defeat the demonic entity, Mizuki.

After they lose against Mizuki, Hion says that she will stay in the past and pass her mission of destroying the entity to her descendants (whether her child be a boy or girl). She wishes a biter-sweet farewell to the protagonist as they go back to their time. When the protagonist asks Reon about her bell, she replies that it was a powerful gift from her ancestors. Hion's spirit later helps the party through one of her old bells left at Mount Osore.


Hion is an upbeat and lively lady who stays true to her duty. Unlike her descendant, she is rather open about her sexual identity and will express romantic interest in Genjuro and Ukyo.


  • Aerokinesis - Hion has some powers over the wind and air currents.
    • Float - Hion can glide and float during battle.
    • Teleport - Hion can ride the currents of the wind and teleport herself.
    • Speed Up - Hion can boost the speed of herself and others.
    • Healing - Depending on the version of the game, Hion can heal herself and others.
  • Energy Projectile - Hion can hurl a spinning blade to her opponents. She can send up to three of them at once.
  • Bushin - Hion can create two transparent replicas of herself and run through her enemies.
  • Incantations - With the use of an antique bell, Hion can use various spells and purifying techniques. She later borrows ki from her party members to produce the same effect.
  • Seals - Hion can seal the movement and some of the enemies' abilities for a time.

Fighting Style

Hion essentially fights the same way as her descendant. She will most likely be slightly stronger than Reon at the time she is introduced.

Game Appearances