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Haon in the game's intro.

Haon (破怨) is a character in the Samurai Shodown RPG. Haon acts as a major antagonist in the game's second chapter. He is an original interpretation of Mizuki's beast, Maju. He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki.


Haon is a demonic servant of Mizuki. He is the first demon the party meets and is partially responsible for Reon joining their cause. After his failure to protect one of Mizuki's bells, he orders several onmyoji to grant him more power. They succeed and Haon reverts to being a wild beast. When the party faces him in his frenzied state, he will bash the protagonist two hundred years into the past.

During this sequence, the protagonist learns that Haon was formerly one of Bizuki's companions. He was a demon born with good morals and Bizuki's brave guardian. He was also a good friend of Reon's ancestor, Reppu no Hion. If he performed enough good deeds, Haon would earn a sense of humanity and would be able to peacefully live with the common people. Before Bizuki succumbs to Mizuki, Haon tries to intervene the possession and charges at the evil spirit. Unfortunately, he is easily defeated and the protagonist last sees him wishing to be reborn as a human.

When the protagonist returns to the present, they find Haon in the middle of Kyoto. The process of confronting Haon is left open for the player. They can either force Haon to remember them from the past, try to do the former but give up half way, or slay the demon from the start. If the first choice is pursued, Haon will remember his old self and sorrowfully ask Bizuki and Hion's whereabouts. Disappointed with his past state of mind, Mizuki decides to end her servant's existance. The other choices will result in a boss battle with Gaira offering assistance.

Regardless of their choices, Haon's fate remains the same. His body is really the host for one of Mizuki's evil bells, an obstacle that needs to be shattered in order to weaken Mizuki. After his death, Gaira thanks the party for their assistance and the normal portal for Mount Osore opens.


As Mizuki's servant, Haon is a ruthless beast who relies on brute force. In the past, he was a kind and simple-minded demon who loved humans. He was easily bashful of Hion's teasings and hoped to avoid doing "bad things" to people. Haon liked pleasant people and openly admits that he hated Genjuro's scent.


  • Electric Attacks - Haon can deliver attacks with an electric charge. He can also spit a ball of this same energy at his opponents.
  • Mirror Images - Whilst charging towards his foes, he can also ghost transparent images of himself.
  • Above-Average Strength - Thanks to Mizuki's influence, he is more powerful than a majority of her demons
  • Teleportation - After he is fueled with more evil energy, he can teleport his body nearly instantly.

Fighting Style

Haon fights with his demonic powers. Whilst in his giant form, he uses his long limbs to scratch and tear into his enemies. He can combo the party with various charges and stomping attacks. In his original form, he acts more like Maju and performs most of his moves.


  • Great Demonic Beast - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden

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