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Template:CharacterInfoboxThe Platonic Twins (プラトニックツインズ, Puratoniku Tsinzu) are the sub-bosses of Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. They are twins who are individually known as Ryo and Suzu Asahina.

Ryo is the head, shoulders and legs of their combined cyborg-like Kaizer form. Suzu is the naked torso of their combined Kaiser form. In the game, she folds her arms over her chest and acts as the central part of their combined form, able to occasionally act by attacking with her arms. In the anime, her arms and legs support Ryo's. Their official nickname is Suspicious-Looking White Giant. Together they reference forbidden brother and sister romance manga premises and are based on henshin hero manga underling villains.


For reasons not entirely known to them, Ryo and Suzu could always feel the other twin's presence. Each could always tell where the other was and felt, at times, what the other was thinking. They were freezing after a blizzard in the mountains and were the only two people alive in the area.

As Suzu was freezing to death and Ryo pondered on how they should spend their final moments together, Ohga came to them. While they were cast away by people who didn't approve of their love, Ohga told the still conscious Ryo that he could accept them and offered them the power to live. By accepting the Kaiser Stone, Ryo would be able to save his sister and gain a new form with her. Wanting to save Suzu, Ryo accepted the offer and the twins were saved with their new form. As the price, they swore eternal loyalty to Ohga.

They appear as Ohga's guard in the game, often challenging whoever comes to their master. They don't have a personal ending, but both twins live in Hellstinger's ending.

In the OVA series, Ryo dies protecting Suzu from one of Gowcaizer's attacks. Swearing vengeance, she asks her master to grant her a new Kaiser Stone. Although he warns her of the dangers (the twins were meant to fight as one together), Ohga agrees and stabs a stone into her chest.

When Isato and Kash invade Ohga's domain, Suzu confronts them and changes into her new form, Platonic Slave. She relentlessly attacks Isato, who accepts the blows dealt to him in his Gowcaizer form. Although Kash momentarily intervenes when his friend is knocked down, Isato rises and asks if Suzu can actually deal with the burden of killing someone. Suzu punches the powered-down Isato in the torso during her last bout of frustration and collapses with grief. Her Kaizer Stone begins to hurt her so Kash volunteers to resonate his stone with hers to try to dispel its aversive effects. He succeeds and Suzu lives to see a new day with Isato and company.


Ryo is very protective of his sister and a firm believer of his lover. He is the more passionate of the pair. Suzu loves her brother as though it is the air she breathes. She is slightly more vicious than her brother in the game.

Both twins believe that their love for one another strengthens them in fights. Both twins are fans of different idols, which neither completely condones as proper for the other.

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