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Template:CharacterInfoboxGowcaizer (ゴウカイザー, Goukaiza) is a character and main hero from the Neo Geo game Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. His official nickname is Burning Hero. He is themed after classic henshin and fighting shounen manga protagonists.


Isato is the 2016 Japanese martial arts champion. While he acts as a normal student, he is eyed for his physical prowess by many people. One day, when he was tuning up his bike, he is abruptly given the Kaizer Stone by Hellstinger. Since the Kaizer Stone reacts adversely to Hellstinger's Soul Gear, the mysterious man considers Isato as a worthy opponent. Wanting to know the mysteries of Hellstinger and his new form, Isato leaves his home to investigate the martial arts school, Bernard High School.

Another version of his backstory describes a different scenario. As Isato was cruising down the highway one night, he found an injured man on the road. Breaking to check the wounded citizen, Isato is given the Kaizer Stone and told to keep it safe. The injured man dies, and a man in his forties or fifties approaches him and demands the stone. The mysterious man doesn't try to apprehend Isato, but instead tells the youth to come to Bernard High School with the stone.

As Isato stays at Bernard High School, he becomes the famous yet elusive hero, Gowcaizer. Known as the burning fire of the school, Isato wants to find his own path with his fists. In his ending, he defeats the villain and throws away the Kaizer Stone.


Isato is a youth who was raised to always be heroic. His father told him to always protect his mother from harm, which is a promise that Isato upholds whenever possible. Determined to live his life his own way, he likes freedom and the simple pleasures in life.

As Gowcaizer, he is a righteous hero who is known for his bravery and fighting skills. He wants to figure out the source of evil he feels is lurking within the school.


  • Pyrokinesis - Gowcaizer possesses the initial power of Fire Slash which he kicks from his boots. But when enraged, in defense, he can summon a powerful fiery dragon.
  • Super Speed - Gowcaizer can move so fast that he ghosts mirror images of himself.


  • Zenkai Senshi Gowcaizer (Absolute Warrior Gowcaizer) - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
  • Ai Gowcaizer (Love Gowcaizer) - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer anime
  • Gowcaizer - Hoono (Gowcaizer - Fire) - Hybrid Vocal Collection image song
  • Gowcaizer - Fire (SURROUND SPACE REMIX) - Hybrid Vocal Collection image song

Voice Actors

  • Nobuyuki Hiyama - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer game and anime
  • Kazuhiro Ueno - Hybrid Vocal Collection singer
  • Ted Lewis - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer anime (English voice)

Game Appearances

Anime Appearances


File:6f735d4e2fb466174b3804cc890e1d51.gifGowcaizer stance