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Template:CharacterInfobox Master Ohga (絶対神 王牙, Zettaishin Oga) is a character and final boss from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. He is voiced by Shō Hayami and K. B. Nau. His official nickname is The Absolute God. He is themed on manga villains whose course to power revolves around achieving divinity and deciphering the true nature of reality through lofty understanding.


Ohga is a title that Osaki gave himself. He prides himself as being the "king of the claw" and desired to someday become a god. To do so, he adopted a life of priesthood and studied how to reach his goal. In his years of training and studying, he heard of a legendary technique called Slaughtering the Self. The technique demands a large amount of blood sacrifices by one's hand, thus granting a cursed yet guaranteed rite of godhood. Interested in the idea, Ohga killed 1,000 people in the span of 15 years. He then met Sheng-Long and trained with him to feed off the exponential power he felt from the monk. In two years time, he gained the power of a dark god as he wanted and deserted the world to revel in his power.

However, his new found strength came with a heavy price. To Ohga, a single minute felt as though it was an unbearable million years and he became frustrated with the reality in which he lived in. While in his state of agony, he heard the voice of the universe demanding the end of the planet. As a former human, Ohga could not bear to carry the weight of the universe's proclamation and knew that the god within him would fulfill the universe's will in due time. Determined to save the Earth from himself, Ohga began searching for men who could stop him while his body was still expendable. He crystallizes the air and blood around him to form the Kaizer Stone and grants its power to Isato and The Platonic Twins. He also assists in Hellstinger's creation, invokes Kyosuke's powers, and oversees Ikki's new form.

As the principal of Bernard High School, he only accepts the most talented geniuses from around the world as his students. He hopes that there is someone among them who can end him. When he is defeated, his island fortress explodes and most of the characters safely escape to a faraway cliff.


A stoic and mysterious man, Ohga does not let his true desires be known to anyone. He truly loves Earth and will do anything it takes to see that it remains after he dies.


  • Pyrokinesis - Ohga can surround his body in flame. He can also hurl large waves of fire and momentarily project wings on his body.


  • KENGORYTHM - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

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