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Template:CharacterInfoboxBrider (ブライダー, Buraida) is a character from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. He is voiced by Masami Obari in the game and Hideo Ishikawa in the OVA. His official nickname is The Transformed Bancho. He is themed from lone henshin sentai heroes and school centered action manga. His origin story, background and fighting style also heavily draws from the first Kamen Rider.


Ikki's family comes from a long line of renowned and charismatic bancho, a sort of rowdy male cheerleader who leads fans in the E Area of the school. One night, while he was returning home from practice, he saw a puppy carelessly run into the road. Seeing a car coming towards the unknowing canine, Ikki dove for it and saved them both by slamming into the guardrail on the other side. He lost consciousness after his feat.

When he woke up, his limbs were bound to a bed and had a mysterious man covered in flames stood next to him. The mysterious man said that Ikki was a worthy subject and promised power to reinvent himself should the boy remain loyal to him. Two men tried to assault him, but Ikki was able to spring loose and break through the window. Cutting through branches and glass, he was able to escape from the suspicious group.

Walking through the sudden rainstorm that followed, he found the wounded puppy he saved and decided to live together with it. Feeling humiliated at seeing his new form, Ikki could not stop his tears at the new Brider form he was forced to wear. He wants to defeat the school principle to somehow rid himself of his ugly new form. In his ending, his cheering group sees his victory and they celebrate together.

During the game, Brider is sometimes assisted by a person who is dressed like him, Brider 2 (ブライダー2号, Buraida Nigō). His real name is Saburo Jumonji (十文字三郎) and he appears next to Ikki in the OVA series under the nickname "Sabu". Saburo is a 1st year student of the same school as Ikki, is one of Ikki's admirers, and wears a red tinted version of the Brider costume.


Ikki is a confident individual who prides himself in his cheering skills. He isn't the smartest man around, but he strongly believes in justice.


  • Electrokinesis - Brider can control electricity by focusing it in his fist.


  • Makeruna Henshin Banchou (Don't Lose, Transforming Leader) - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
  • NO RETURN - Hybrid Vocal Collection image song

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