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Template:CharacterInfoboxKrizalid (クリザリッド, Kurizariddo) acts as the mid and final boss of The King of Fighters '99.


He was designed to be a stylish and earnestly strong boss, though the supervising designer at the time admits, "I think I overdid it a little." A number of Krizalid's unused graphics were made available to the public in the Dreamcast release of the title.<ref>Official character profile from KOF anniversary website.</ref>



Krizalid revealing his plans to the Hero Team.

He was made to be the ultimate Kyo Kusanagi clone, outfitted with a special suit to feed data of fighters into his body during battle. This was achieved by cloning K' (rather than Kyo directly). As a side effect, he gained some of K's memories and believed Whip to be his sister. He was ordered to activate the thousands of Kyo clones around the world by using his suit. In order to gather the battle data necessary for the activation period, he fights the winning team of the King of Fighters tournament.

After his defeat, the Kyo clones were neutralized and his superior fatally crushed Krizalid by throwing a boulder at him. Heidern inquires if Krizalid remembers anything including his real name. He simply cannot remember and in the Ikari team ending, Whip reveals to Krizalid of his status as a clone, with him dying shortly after out of treachery. According to the novels, his corpse was taken in by the Ikari mercenaries. Zero somehow later retrieved Krizalid's body and used the power of NESTS technology to bring him back to life.<ref name=Novel>The King of Fighters 2001 ~THE GODS THEMSELVES~. SNK, Akihiko Ureshino. 2002/2. ISBN 4-7577-0754-1.</ref>

File:KOF2001 Novel Krizalid.png
Krizalid in KOF 2001.

In The King of Fighters 2001, he resurfaces, revived by the original Zero, and fights alongside him. K' faces Zero, Lin faces Ron, Maxima faces Glaugan and Krizalid faces Whip. Despite knowing the truth of his origin, he still calls Whip by her real name. Krizalid finally dies on his own merits, letting Whip's Voodoo entangle his foot and force him to lose balance, this allowed Whip to shoot him with her Desert Eagle resulting in his presumably second death.<ref name=Novel/>


When Verse is subsequently defeated, Krizalid's soul emerges from it along with many others, and is suspected to be alive again as a result.


He is extremely powerful and he knows that, being very cocky and megalomaniacal at times, but he will serve NESTS loyally, no matter what. However, without his special suit his fighting abilities are still top-notch, and deep down he has a hard-working, earnest personality. He was incredibly loyal to Whip, with whom he shared a sibling-like bond.


  • Pyrokinesis - Because of his blood, Krizalid can control fire.
    • Create Fire - Krizalid can create fire from thin air.
    • Fire Body - Krizalid can put his body on fire.
    • Explosion - Krizalid can create an explosion around him or his opponent.
  • Energy Projectile - Krizalid can fire a projectile of energy that hits his enemy twice.
  • Energy Attacks - Krizalid can infuse his attacks with energy.
  • Slashing Hands - Krizalid's hands can pierce and cut.
  • Cutting Aura - Krizalid can create an aura of cutting energy around his hands.
  • Cutting Wind - Krizalid can create an air current that can also cut anyone it touches.
  • Multiple Attacks - Krizalid can attack several times at high speed.

Fighting Style

Krizalid is an extremely powerful fighter sporting an inevitable anti-air move, high-gauge projectiles and dash attacks that are somewhat inescapable. He like K', also has the ability to use flames, and some people consider Krizalid as the second clone of Kyo Kusanagi. It is likely due to his battle suit providing him various forms of battle data fed into his body, his moves are all likely an amalgamation of others. Though it gives him an eerie sense of movement via his stiff animations.

Krizalid's Mid-Boss form isn't as powerful as his End-Boss self. Like most SNK Bosses, Krizalid is ridiculously strong, and inflicts above average damage, but suffers from having a poor quality AI if the player finds a "boring pattern" to take down Krizalid.

In his boss incarnations in the Arcade version, he cannot crouch like typical SNK bosses, but had standing attacks that must be guarded low. Legitimate crouching attack animations were created for him as the game was ported to the Dreamcast version, which was carried over to his playable version in 2002UM.

His latest technique in 2002 UM, the Lightning Disaster, is a move where he is able to convert all his battle data into physical form.


  • Mechanical Bliss - The King of Fighters '99, first fight
  • My Dear Fallen Angel - The King of Fighters '99, second fight
  • Cutting Edge - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  • Vs Krizalid - The King of Fighters 2

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  • Krizalid's name is likely a play on the word chrysalis.
  • Krizalid possesses motifs for fallen angels in his second round leitmotif in KOF 99, his End of Heaven/End of Eden DM, and his black feathers.


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