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Template:CharacterInfoboxRon (Hánzi: 龍; Pinyin: Lóng; Japanese: 龍(ロン) Ron) was first introduced as a pivotal sub-plot character in The King of Fighters 2000. He has yet to be playable in the series.

He is voiced by Takaya Kuroda.


He is the former leader to an elite assassination group known as the Flying Brigands (known as the Hizoku (飛賊, Hizoku) clan in Japanese), and the father to a number of their members, including Duo Lon and Xiao Lon. He betrayed the Flying Brigands by joining NESTS for personal gain, labeling himself as a traitor by many of the group's members. After NESTS' destruction, he reveals his interest in a mysterious power shared by Sie Kensou and Bao known as the Dragon Spirit. The importance of this power to Ron is unknown.

According to his official profile, his main objective is to be able to manipulate the dead.


Ambitious, Ron is the type of person who will use anything for his personal gain. He pretended to be manipulated by NESTS but was, in fact, using the syndicate to his own advantage.


  • Necromantic Teleport - This power allows Ron to turn his body into dust and then recompose it somewhere else.
  • Soul Withdrawal - This power allows Ron to remove the soul of Zero's opponent in the form of a blue-tinted replica of the opponent as well.

Fighting Style

Not much is known about Ron's fighting style. It may be based on Kung Fu.

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