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Template:CharacterInfoboxTemplate:Nihongo is a character in the World Heroes series.


J. Carn is the strongest fighter of the Mongolian people. He led the powerful army into many victories and conquests.


A loud person who likes to eat, fight and conquer other civilizations.


  • Explosion - By punching the ground, Carn can create a powerful explosion.

Fighting Style

J. Carn fights with powerful moves. He uses the spiky ball on his shoulder as a weapon and wears spiky gloves.

Cultural References

Inspired by Mongolian conqueror, founder and emperor of the Mongolian Empire, Genghis Khan.


  • Tairiku no Haou - World Heroes
  • Tomato Squash - World Heroes
  • Mongolian Dynamite - World Heroes 2
  • Southern Star - World Heroes 2

Game Appearances

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World Heroes


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