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Template:CharacterInfoboxDeku (木偶♂, Deku Osu) & Dekuina (木偶♀, Deku Mesu) are characters in the Samurai Shodown series. In Japan, they are alternatively called Deku-o and Deku-mi. Deku is voiced by Daiki Nakamura and Dekuina is voiced by Kaori Minami. Deku and Dekuina are symbolized by the same stylized eye shared among Yuga and all of its servants.


Deku and Dekuina are semi-human dolls created by Yuga the Destroyer. Yuga was seeking for the two strongest bodies for a perfect resurrection, a female and a male one. It found the female one in Shiki, and the male one in Haohmaru, but in case it failed to achieve both of them, Yuga created the two dolls, Deku (the male one) and Dekuina (the female one), which were based on Haohmaru and Shiki respectively. In the creation process, both dolls were embedded with their originals' pieces of flesh inside their heads (being clones of sorts). They also were given superhuman strength and powers that far surpassed those of Gandara. In the end Yuga used them to resurrect itself, but was eventually destroyed, destroying Deku and Dekuina in the process.

In the Asura-Zanmaden OVA, there are several Dekus and Dekuinas.


They don't have personalities, since they are emotionless dolls.


  • Superhuman Strength - They were given strength from the Netherworld by Yuga.
  • Weapon Stretch - They are able to temporarily increase length of their weapons to attack opponent from afar.
  • Float - They are able to float.

Fighting Style

Deku fights with big weapon that resembles curved on one end scimitar or axe. His fighting style mimics both Shura/Slash and Rasetsu/Bust Haohmaru. His own unique super move levitates him into air and summons unblockable hellfires from the ground underneath his opponent.

Dekuina fights with two sword-like weapons. Her fighting style mimics both Shura/Slash and Rasetsu/Bust Shiki. Her own unique super move has her dive underground and carve random routes with one of her swords underground. Its unblockable and instantly kills her opponent if it connects.

Their weapons are inscribed with stylistic eyes and designs similar to those engraved on Asura's and Oboro's weapons.


  • Yin & Yang (Deku) - Samurai Shodown 64

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