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Template:CharacterInfoboxIn this Korean name, the family name is Chae.

Chae Lim (Hangul: 채림; Hanja: 蔡琳; Japanese: チェ・リム Che Rimu) is a fictional character from the  fighting game series KOF: Maximum Impact, part of The King of Fighters series. She is the second female Taekwondo fighter in the KOF series (after May Lee) but the first to perform the art and wear a dobok.

She is voiced by Yukiko Amano and Allie Moss.


Originally, Kim Kaphwan was going to enter the first entry of the Maximum Impact series under the pseudonym "Mr. Taekwondo" (in the same fashion as Art of Fighting's Mr. Karate). Due to veteran designers' complaints and other difficulties at the time, it was finally decided to leave Kim out of the game's lineup but add another character like him to replace his absence. While several other characters were considered for the spot -including other SNK characters such as Jhun Hoon, May Lee, and Buriki One character Seo Yong Song- a fellow developer voiced interest in creating another female Taekwondo fighter with the same "professional" manner as Kim, which eventually formed the basis for Chae Lim.

To set her apart from these characters, Lim was made to be the struggling student who was not as adept as her peers or mentor but possessed a dominating determination. Ureshino depicts her relation with Kim as a "father-daughter relationship", adding that she is a young women with Kim's potential. She was jokingly referred to as "Kim 2" during her initial development stages due to their nearly identical moveset.


Chae Lim began learning Taekwondo at the age of five. She is rumored to be Kim's secret weapon for the King of Fighters tournaments. The Maximum Impact tournament marks her first professional debut. Though she seems to inherit Kim's seriousness in battle, Lim reverts to being a normal girl when she takes off her gloves and enjoys being with her friends on her spare time.

Her official nickname is "The Taekwondo Zephyr".


Much like May Lee, Lim is very serious when fighting, but when not doing so, she is cheerful and outgoing. She likes to design clothes as well.

Fighting Style

Her Taekwondo fighting style is similar to Kim's in his old days. When Lim entered the Maximum Impact tournament, she started fighting with some original moves.

Game Appearances

Lim's card in Card Fighters Clash DS.