Yamaha CX5MII-128 MSX black and white picture on CM8833 monitor


Kraut Mod
Staff member
I want to use an Yamaha CX5MII-128 MSX-computer on my Philips CM8833 (MK I) multisync monitor. The CX5MII is an US version with composite out (RCA).

When I connect it to the CM8833, I only get a b/w picture while I get colour on my Toshiba Regza LCD TV set.

I tried it with direct RCA-to-RCA cables and RCA-to-Scart.

The CM8833 supports 50/60Hz and PAL/NTSC, I'm using it for all my consoles and never had a problem.

Any help how to get a colour picture on the Philips monitor would be greatly appreciated.

If needed, I can provide pictures of the outputs of the CX5MII and the monitor inputs, as well as the cables and the RCA-to-Scart interface I'm using.